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Question on 223 ammo

This is a discussion on Question on 223 ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Guys we are doing exacly what i wished we wouldnt , We are getting so far into terminal ballistics that some's eyes glaze over . ...

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Thread: Question on 223 ammo

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    Guys we are doing exacly what i wished we wouldnt , We are getting so far into terminal ballistics that some's eyes glaze over . Can we agree that as used now ( the 5.56 with double or tirple taps works , the 7.62 works, especialy with multiple hits ) , as to why each works and the methods leave it to others . Just take a lesson from the use today . MY thoughts are that if they are worth shooting the first time they are worth shooting till they are down . Have you a .25 acp or a .50bmg the answer is the same .
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    Yup, I'm in agreement.


    I hadn't thought about the sturdy-er 7.62 bullet, thanks. The gist of the study and I guess the reason for doing it was the early on complaints about the effectiveness of the current systems and ammo.

    Apparently, the YAW effect and fragmentation vary depending on a boat-load of variables. In some tests, the yaw and fragmentation and therefore wound channel were large, then the next shot would have a much lesser effect all things being seemingly equal. Something to do with the exact yaw angle at the point of penetration.

    Pretty interesting reading really.

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    According to several things I've read (and, not having done autopsies on any of the folks I've seen shot with 5.56 and/or 7.62, this is all that I can really base my opinion on) is that it takes about 4-5" or so for a 5.56 M855 round to destabilize enough to begin to yaw. In very thin targets (like in Somalia, for instance), the round didn't have enough time in the target to yaw/fragment, and thus produced _relatively_ minor wounds. It would seem that the 7.62 round, being so much heavier, would require even more time in the target to begin it's yaw - this might explain a lot of the "5.56 is more effective at close range" results.

    Here's a short but interesting blurb regarding the effects of the two rounds in dogs (something that I, unfortunately, got a lot of experience with in Afghanistan, keeping my snipers trained and the wild dog population around the FOB down at the same time):

    And RR, I know were delving into some fairly esoteric terminal ballistics territory, but academic exercises like this have their place too, no? :)
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