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Reload ammo in Court

This is a discussion on Reload ammo in Court within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Weeg Ah, Massachussettstan... Glad I don't live there...Geesh. Sounds liek ya'll are subjects more than citizens... . You have that right! We ...

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Thread: Reload ammo in Court

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weeg View Post
    Ah, Massachussettstan...

    Glad I don't live there...Geesh.

    Sounds liek ya'll are subjects more than citizens...

    You have that right!

    We have no "rights", only privileges given to us by our "overlords".

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    For several years, certain "Net Ninjas" have been spreading the false belief that no one has ever gotten in trouble in court from using handloads. Now you know better. The records of the N.J. v. Daniel N. Bias trials are archived at the Superior Court of New Jersey, Warren County, 313 Second Street, P.O. Box 900, Belvedere, NJ 97823. Those wishing to follow his appellate process can begin with the Atlantic Reporter at 142 NJ 572, 667 A.2d 190 (Table). The only reason handloads have not been a factor in more cases is that most people who go in harm's way are already smart enough not to use them for defense.
    Taken from Ayoob's article on NJ vs Bias

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    Just my personal opinion and nothing more but I like reloads for practice and factory ammo for carry.
    PC has become the term for Political Cowardice.

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    I can think of a situation where a prosecutor might actully use the fact of reloaded ammo in a valid point. IF (the usual BIG IF) the prosecutor has a 'gun expert' testify that the reloads were loaded very 'hot' and 'pushed the limits of safety for the gun' the case might be made that the shooter was reckless in reloading so 'hot'. Then the prosecutor says, 'reckless in one situation, reckless in others'.
    One reason I carry only Federal or Remington factory ammuntion. I can honestly state under oath to have read over the years these are safe, reliable manufacturers and thus my choice.
    In Oklahoma, even we liberals like guns!

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    Just because of the CYA idea I've normally carried factory ammo. In the last two trips to the range, I've had my first two self induced reloading problems. 1. no powder in case, bullet lodged in barrel. (glad the primer makes a niffty pop so you know what's up.) 2. not enough crimp on a wadcutter, bullet unseated and protruded out of cylinder blocking rotation
    I've been reloading pistol ammo for 24 years and these are my first two problems. I convinced my self to only carry factory ammo for SD. If Speer or Federal ammo goes pop, at least my wife can get a nice settlement from them luteai

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