.40 carry ammo?

.40 carry ammo?

This is a discussion on .40 carry ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm interested in a decent ammo in .40 that is "readily available" in the sense that it wouldn't be seen in court as an unusual ...

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Thread: .40 carry ammo?

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    .40 carry ammo?

    I'm interested in a decent ammo in .40 that is "readily available" in the sense that it wouldn't be seen in court as an unusual or excessive choice on my part. That, and I want to practice with the same thing I carry, and I can't really afford the super-expensive stuff.

    I know many of you don't like .40, so this thread is not for you... I'm very comfortable in that caliber...
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    The only handguns I own are ALL 40's - 2nd Generation Glock 22 & 23 and my 3rd Generation Glock 22 in OD Green, and I love the .40!

    IMO, the best "readily available" personal defense round is prolly the Federal Hydra-Shok or Hornady XTP, both in 180 grain.

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    In any cal ammo is the least of the things you need to worry about , that being said , hydra shock, or gold dot are both normaly both acceptable and avalable .
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    Hydra-shock 165gr

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    Practice with ball, then select a premium defense ammo that works in your gun. At self defence distances, any ammo ballistics differences between the two won't matter

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    Hydra shocks and gold dots seem to work well. I use either /or.
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    I use Hydra-shock 165gr and Winchester Ranger SXT 155gr.
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    I have always had good luck with the Hydra-Shoks in 180grn, but Gold Dot, SXT, and Golden Sabers wouldn't be out of the picture either.
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    CorBon DPX is the way to go
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    HydraShoks in 230gr .45 and 165gr. .40 (Tactical Box)

    But I've got some HST and Tactical Bonded rounds on the way!!

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    I've got 6 .40s and seek out 155 grain ammo from any of the major manufacturers. I prefer that weight to anything heavier or lighter. For the range I usually have to use 165 grain FMJ, as it's more readily available than 155 FMJ, but that's no big deal for punching paper.

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    I will address your question based on "defensible in court" and readily avaialble.

    My local law enforcement agencies all issue .40s&w and Golden Sabre ammo. There's plenty of Remington G.S. at Wal-Mart, local gun shops and cheaper than dirt website.

    If I ever had to use a gun in defense and wound up on the witness stand, I would say- "The police are issued this caliber and this round on duty to protect citizens, I figured it would be the best thing for me to protect my family too." When you involve LE it (hopefully) removes the excessive force/ crazy militia mind set in the minds of the jurry.

    Just a thought.

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    Winchester 180 JHPs ( the stuff in the white box ) are not too pricey ,
    but still good quality and will certainly make nice holes in things.
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    I practice with Winchester White Box and carry Golden Saber 165 grain ammo.

    I have carried the Hydrashocks also and the Gold Dot.

    I would very much like to actually get some Expanding Full Metal Jacket ammo and see how it performs. All I have read about it seem to indicate, if it is true, that it is a nearly perfect carry ammo.
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    I carry the Hornady 155 grain JHP/XTP and have shot Black Hills 180 grain JHP. Both perform well, though the slight favorite for me is the Hornady.
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