Fed agency ammo

Fed agency ammo

This is a discussion on Fed agency ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Good day. Does anyone have a link or reference to what types of ammo are authorized for fedgov agencies? For example, what sorts of loads ...

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Thread: Fed agency ammo

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    Fed agency ammo

    Good day.

    Does anyone have a link or reference to what types of ammo are authorized for fedgov agencies? For example, what sorts of loads are authorized for the feebs, in their (optional carry) .45 ACP handguns?

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    Border Patrol and CBP uses the Remington 155gr/1195fps in their .40s. The 9mm shooters are issued Gold Dot 124gr +P.

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    Each federal agency issues a different round based upon bids for purchase. Not all carry the same and some within an agency are issued or have in their mags different types of ammo (not in the same mag but two agents could be carrying different loads).

    The most common in 45ACP is the Speer Gold Dot or the Remmington Golden Saber, but then again each year that can change. As for a specific website that list them, it is not likely.
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    Although I am not with the DEA, I work with them on a daily basis. Based on what they have told me it would be Speer Gold Dot for them.

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    My agency uses 124gr Fed. Hydra-Shok in pistols, and 115gr/124gr military ball in SMGs.
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    My fed agency issues us .40 S&W Speer Gold Dot 165 grain JHP.

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