Double Tap Ammo test

Double Tap Ammo test

This is a discussion on Double Tap Ammo test within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, so this is a pretty unscientific test as I don't have a chrono and shooting at an indoor range precludes neat stuff like denim ...

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Thread: Double Tap Ammo test

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    Double Tap Ammo test

    OK, so this is a pretty unscientific test as I don't have a chrono and shooting at an indoor range precludes neat stuff like denim covered gelatin but I did get to try some of this stuff today in .45 ACP and .38 Special +P.

    First I tried the 125 gr Gold Dot tipped +P .38 rounds. I was using my S&W 638. 1 7/8" Barrel, Airweight, aluminum framed, shrouded hammer snub for those of us who don't have model numbers memorized.

    My normal load for this is the Speer Gold Dot 135 gr +P Short Barrel load. Speer lists this at 860 FPS w/222 ft lbs of energy out of a 2" barrel. This is about the limit of controllability for me. The Double Tap ammo lists at 1175 FPS and 336 ft lbs energy from a 1 7/8" barrel. Quite a difference in energy there! After trying my normal loads I loaded up the Double Tap and had at it. I was favorably impressed! The muzzle flip is about the same, maybe just a hair more but not much. No detectable muzzle flash in the ambient light at the range. Accuracy was about what I get with the Speer loads. At 20' I shot two groups of 5 in about a 4" group. Cases ejected easily.

    Another guy at the range with an identical pistol perked up as he was trying some CCI 125gr +P hollow points. After firing 4 rounds he was checking the fifth for bullet movement and every time the fifth bullet was creeping forward in the case. I tried the same test and had no movement in the last round. I then passed him some rounds to try and he tells me he's headed home to order some himself now. We were both impressed!

    So I may be changing my .38 carry ammo. I still get a Gold Dot bullet but more velocity and muzzle energy. According to the owner at DT he's tested through 4 layers of denim and got over 12" penetration in geletin and good expansion.

    Now on to some 200 gr Gold Dot tipped .45 ACP. I used both a 4" Lightweight Commander and a 3" steel framed Micro. My normal carry load is good old 230 GR Gold Dot Short Barrel Load. It's listed as 820 fps with 343 ft lbs muzzle energy from a 4" barrel. I also use 200 gr. Federal EFMJ in my Commander but don't have numbers for it. The DT load is listed at 1,125 FPS with 562 ft lbs of energy from a 5" barrel. The owner of DT said he had tested this load in 3" barrels and still got just over 1,000 FPS from it.

    Now my Commander has always been pretty fussy about hollow points hence the efmj load. I only ran a few mags through it but no jams. Far from conclusive I know but most HP's don't sit well with the Commander. There is more muzzle flip from this round but not impossible. It is not a +P round but feels like it in recoil. The efmj is a +P round but is a little more controllable.

    My Micro usually consumes anything I feed it but didn't seem to like this round much. I think the high velocity (for a .45) round just creates too much slide velocity and flip. I had one nose dive FTF and two empties jam in the ejection port facing backwards out of three mags. The muzzle flip was pretty intense and follow ups were to slow for my taste.

    I think it would make a good round in a 5" steel framed 1911 but I'm going to stick with my old carry ammo for now in .45 ACP.
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    It does make a great round in the 5" guns and like you said it comes with the GD bullet seated on top and like you it was a bit much in my Lt Wgt Micro Compact for which I have gone to federal HST's in. I tried them in my Kimber (DT ) 5" on a phonebook soaked in water overnight and it put a GIANT exit hole out the back of a thick yellow pages book, and while I know it's not a scientific test it impressed me.
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    In .40 I did not think the double tap was any better or worse than
    165 grain flat points

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    Thanks for the test info. I'm kinda bummed now because I just picked up my Kimber Ultra Carry II on Friday and had planned on trying the DT 200 grain Gold Dots to keep the MV up in the short barrel. I will still probably give them a try though.
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    I use Double Tap exclusively in my 10mms and it is awesome. Mike McNett really knows how to load a bullet! Haven't tried the 45 or 38 yet but when my other ammo is gone I'm switching to DT for all my carry guns! Service is some of the best and delivery is usually in two days. Prices aren't bad either.

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