AK47 Hollowpoints worth getting?

AK47 Hollowpoints worth getting?

This is a discussion on AK47 Hollowpoints worth getting? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have examined some of the AK hollowpoints. Seems they would be rather ineffective hollowpoints, the holes in points are so small I dont think ...

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Thread: AK47 Hollowpoints worth getting?

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    Question AK47 Hollowpoints worth getting?

    I have examined some of the AK hollowpoints. Seems they would be rather ineffective hollowpoints, the holes in points are so small I dont think they would support good expansion at all. In fact, seems like they would just bend and tumble instead of spread out at all since they are so long and narrow. In my own opinion, seems that the hole in the point would have to be considerably larger for a thin round like 7.62 x 39 to have any kind of reasonable expansion.

    So, Am I wrong or right about minimal expansion? Are hollowpoints worth getting in this caliber? If tumbling is a reasonable expectation, is it necessarily a bad thing to have happen?

    Also, what caliber brush will I need (boresnake) for this caliber? Anything extra to taking down the AK for cleaning besides popping the cover off and cleaning inside and barrel? I have heard that I really dont need to bother with cleaning it, and I understand its a very reliable weapon, but thats not how I usually do things. I'd like to clean it at least every now and then.

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    I believe that internal tumbling is one reason that a .22lr round can do so much damage in side a body as it bounces all willy nilly like off the bones and such.

    If the tumbling is internal then might cause irregular but still effective damage. Now if the tumbling were to happen before the bullet entered then my guess would be it affects accuracy.

    Anything that stops over penetration without loss of effectiveness is a good thing in my book (except in a zombie situation of course) Last thing you want is a bullet hitting your target and then somebody else down the road.
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    I am no ballistics expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn express one night so here are my thoughts! IIRC the 7.63x39 is about on par with the American 30-30. With the velocities you get from modern center fire rifles you don't need as big a cavity as you do with lower velocity hand gun rounds to get good expansion. The reason you usually see a small opening in rifle rounds ( I believe) is to reduce failures to feed in semi autos. I would definitely go ahead and get them as even if the bullet just fragments in your target that will give a greater energy dump than a FMJ round that would be more prone to over penetrate a soft target.

    As far as a bore snake a standard .30 caliber should do the trick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcp1810 View Post
    I I would definitely go ahead and get them as even if the bullet just fragments in your target that will give a greater energy dump than a FMJ round that would be more prone to over penetrate a soft target.
    I agree. From what I've seen with the hollow points on rifle rounds, they tend to frag instead of expand. That tends to be better than the straight through of the FMJ if you ask me. I don't know if Hornady makes a V-Max for the AK, but the polymer tip on the V-Max works great. It flies like a FMJ, the frags on impact. Pretty impressive.
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    No round "tumbles" in flight, except under some pretty unusual circumstances (e.g. using a long heavy bullet in a barrel with a rate of twist too slow to stabilize the round). All spitzer-type bullets (pointy in the front, fatter in the back) tend to yaw (tumble) upon impact with a dense medium like flesh. Many factors influence the ammount of yaw (bullet weight, stability, bullet construction, medium struck, et cetera), but that type of round wants to be travelling butt-first, it is only the artificial stabilization imparted by the 'spin' that prevents them from doing so.

    All that being said - standard FMJ rounds from any centerfire rifle have a decent chance of penetrating through-and-through if there is no mechanism to prevent it, be it yaw, expansion, fragmentation, or whatever. If these 7.62x39 HPs can deliver the penetration you require (but not too much more) then they might be worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by floridaguy911 View Post
    Seems they would be rather ineffective hollowpoints, the holes in points are so small I dont think they would support good expansion at all.
    Pretty much all high velocity rifle hollowpoints have really tiny holes. When a bullet is traveling 2-3x the velocity of a typical pistol round, you don't need a cavity big enough to mix a drink in to ensure good expansion.

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    Unfortunately,soft points and hollow points work in 7,62x39.
    Trust me,they work.
    I have seen the wounds more than once during the war in Croatia. Srbian snipers like to shoot civilians and solders with this.
    Exit wound on a 180 pounds heavy man is in a size if an orange.
    He didn t survive.
    None of the people shoot with this ever did.
    If you are planing to use this caliber for hunting,I sugest you to use it only to Roe deer size animal,or wild boar,but not over 180 pounds.This caliber is for no more than 150 yards.Fall of the bullet is enormous.
    If you have oportunity,choose 308,it is much beter caliber,in all aspects.
    But if you are having this caliber for home protection,it is high penetrating ammo if FMJ is used.

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    I've done my own testing with the HP rounds and they explode more than they expand.

    Most of the ones I've tested had jacket separation. I actually just started reloading 7.62x39 and I'll make my own SP for hunting and SD. I have yet to see a good expanding 123-125gr HP for the 7.62x39.

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    HP rifle ammo needs less of a hollow area to expand. the tiny pinhole in the end of my hunting ammo seems to expand quite well.
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    From my experience the hollowpoints are not as affective as "general hp" fragmenting .If you are looking for an ak47 round(7.62x39) that will disperse its energy as well as possible you need to find some yugoslavian millitary surplus.

    The average 7.62 doesnt yaw(tumble)till around 10in of penetration.Of course this is given that it doesnt contact bone.The yugo ammo will start its tumble around 5 inches.It has an air pocket in the tip of the bullet that on impact is filled by lead(lead is behind air pocket)completely unbalancing the bullet causeing some serious yaw.This air pocket idea was used in the ak74 round(5.45x39) wich allows it to yaw at 2.5 inches of penetration,allowing it to yaw even in a leg or arm shot.This ability to yaw earned it the name "poison bullet" or "wasp" by the afganistans.

    If you want penetration,any of the fmj will be good for this and if your lucky you can find some chinese steal core that made it in before the ban.

    Glad to see some ak fans up in here

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    Bore Snake for a .30 cal rifle will work fine.
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