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Factors in choosing a caliber

This is a discussion on Factors in choosing a caliber within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If I knew I was going to be facing multiple BGs I would sneak up behind them with my Benelli... But really, I'm perfectly comfortable ...

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Thread: Factors in choosing a caliber

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    If I knew I was going to be facing multiple BGs I would sneak up behind them with my Benelli...

    But really, I'm perfectly comfortable with my 8+1 1911 with 2 10 round reloads. If I'm facing, lets say, 3 BGs, and I shoot them each three times, it might slow them down enough to allow me to reload....in which case they might each get shot 3 more times. If they are too close and I can't reload that fast or something, I'm still at a big advantage ground fighting with a guy that's been shot 3 times, right? If I was going to clear a house that I knew had multiple BGs in it and my weapon of choice was a pistol, I would take a high capacity 10mm though. Thats my answer for gun choice.

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    Smile Big muzzle,big mags, ?

    I carry 3 weapons on me. A sig 220 .45 in IWB strong side tuckable, small of the back Sig 226 in .40, kimber Custom Compact ,45 in an ankle holster. All are loaded with Ranger T. I also carry 6 8 round mags for the 220. If I had to engage multiple tangos I have 7X8 rounds for my 220. But if for some reason I don't have time to reload my 220, I have an instant reload in my 226 on my back. If my 220 should FTF or become unusable I have my 226 as a backup. If for some reason I should find myself on my keister, I can reach my Kimber on the inside of my right ankle. You may ask if I am paranoid, but I ask you am I paranoid enough. Remember that old man Murphy is already there if you find yourself in a position were you have to use your weapon. I prefer .45 caliber with Ranger T ammo. I practice a lot with it and am very comfortable using it. I agree with the use the largest caliber your can comfortably idea. Don't be afraid to go up in caliber until you can use a .45 without thinking about. If you are afflicted with arthritis, you may not be able to use a .45. Just use something though. Bottom line though is in the end, no one will remember stance, caliber or tactics. Just who won the battle .
    When the chips are down, only hits count

    Train as you fight, fight as you train.
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    While working, I no longer have a choice in what I carry. However, my off-duty choices are based on weather, attire, and circumstances. Here on the semi-tropical gulf coast, "extra" clothes get attention. Also, I'm not a very big guy. When off work, I strive to not stand out (don't want a robbery to turn into a "shoot the cop first" situation). I prefer more power, but I know "power" is a very relative thing with handguns. So, more often than not, it's a mousegun for quick access, backed with a mini-glock or snub-.38 on the ankle.
    I've participated in force on force type training, usually as the "bad guy." One thing I learned was how FAST these things go down and how you have to keep your head, stay alert, and put 'em where they count. I have the same testosteronal response to the big .40s that most of us do, but "feelings" aside, caliber is not my primary concern. First is accessibility (gotta have it on you and where you can get to it in a hurry) and reliability (must go bang). If I keep emotions out of it, capacity comes next and THEN caliber/power. I "feel" better with a .45ACP or .40 S&W, but it's not about intuition, it's about ability to save my hide. That said, a .380 in the pocket beats a 9x19 on the ankle or the .40-whatever left in the car.
    Capacity is a factor I balance with concealability and comfort. Yes, yes, I know the "comfting vs. comfort" argument, but simply put, an uncomfortable gun is going to be touched and rearranged more often, and is more likely to print. When I can manage it (usually in the winter) I prefer the "power" and range and pinpoint accuracy of a full service caliber compact (like my issued SIG P229 .40). Weather, build, and fashion being what it is, however, I normally wind up with the mouse-gun for quick access with the service caliber sub-compact for backup.
    Now, if I KNOW I'm headed into trouble (say a disturbance in front of the house or what have you), .... well ... that's what shotguns and ARs are for. ;)

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    For me, my "criteria" for caliber combined with carry gun are as follows:

    1. Stopping power
    I won't carry anything less than .380. I prefer .45 because even with FMJs, you're still punching one HECK of a hole.

    2. Function
    Does the gun function flawlessly, every time, all the time?

    3. Accessibility
    I don't want to use a round that I can't find in any ma and pa shop and even a walmart if I need it.

    4. Concealability
    The big, wonderful, perfectly capable gun that can't be concealed on me successfully isn't going to be going with me therefor it's useless, so I need the gun to be small.

    5. Capacity
    If I'm in a gunfight with more than one individual who keeps charging me even after I've presented a weapon and started firing, I'm probably in a place I'm not supposed to be. If I ever have to go to a place I wouldn't normally go, then sure, I'll trade my 7+1 rounds for 15, but I don't think that will happen any time soon.

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    I have to agree with most of what has been stated so far. And that is why I love my XD-45

    I can conceal it, I wouldn't say it the easiest to conceal, but with my crossbreed supertuck its not that hard either.

    13+1 plus 2 extra mags = 40 rounds of .45

    IMHO the best of both worlds, a hi-cap .45
    "You can't shake the devils hand and say you were only kidding"

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    The platform is more important than caliber.

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