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This is a discussion on 22lr vs 32 within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ruger, S&W, and Taurus make(made) a 6-shot, .32H&R magnum revolver that would be my choice. Yes a .22lr will work, but as Chris said, a ...

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Thread: 22lr vs 32

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    Ruger, S&W, and Taurus make(made) a 6-shot, .32H&R magnum revolver that would be my choice. Yes a .22lr will work, but as Chris said, a centerfire cartridge will be more reliable, and in the case of the .32H&R, plenty sufficient for self defense use, without heavy recoil.

    just my .02

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    Hot dang
    got her shooting a Lady smith today
    When outnumbered 2 to 1.
    Shoot twice!

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    Both the .22 lr and the .32 acp are acceptable killers as far as cartages go . however both are absolutely " piss poor " fight stoppers . IMO the floor on a defensive pistol would lay at about 9mm or if you like round things .38 special out of a 4" gun . A snub .38 or a .380 are fine things to have on your person when you cannot carry a gun . Anything below that should be shot for enjoyment only and not relied on to stop a fight .
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    I think I read something praising the Hornady XTP in .32

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    It has been a while since I really looked at anything smaller than
    9mm for anything more than punching paper. That being said, unless you are looking at the mini's most of the .22 handguns I am familiar with are not much smaller than the .32's I am familiar with. With the lighter recoil, it should be easier to fire follow up shots. With the ballistics in these calibers I would plan to fire double taps if not triples from the get go. In .32 I have heard good things about the .32 H&R magnum, but that might have more recoil and blast than she is comfortable with. In .32 ACP I remember the silver tips as having a good reputation.
    If it were me though I would try to start her out on something like a 3 or 4 inch "K frame" or equivalent in .357magnum. I would start her off with the "target" 148 grain full wadcutters from 3D (or equivalent). As she got more comfortable I would move her up the power scale.

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    The .32 is better than nothing and the .22 is okey if that is all you have. Most of the time just showing a weapon is enough to discourage the BG but if you have to shoot keep shooting for vital spots and anything might be better than nothing. The .32 mag is a different story it is more potent than a .22. My wife likes her .32 but I back her up with a .38+p or a .380 carbon round. Sometimes I have my .45 and she feels comfortable with the little gun and shoots it very well. We have been married 53 years so we don't argue about the small stuff. More people are probably killed by .22s than any other caliber.

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    As was said earlier, I wouldn't be surprised if more people haven't been killed with a .22lr than everything else combined. I certainly wouldn't recommend carrying one for protection. It's not meant for that. If I'm not mistaken, it was a .22 head wound on Press Secretary Brady that ultimately resulted in the "Brady Bill."

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    Of the Two...

    I'd go with the .32, why not? I have the KelTec .32 for those times that only pocket carry will work...usually for my wife, I take the .380...


    Stay armed...the bigger the better, usually...stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Let her get something she can get comfortable with. If it's a .22, get a .22, if it's a .32, get a .32. And let her naturally move up in caliber. Shot placement is #1, if she is trying to shoot something she is scared of, her accuracy is going to suffer, aka, it wont matter if she had an 8mm mauser or a 17hmr, if she can't hit what she's aiming at. I've carried a P22 several times as a primary, when I had a need for deep concealment. I had every confidence in myself that if I needed to shoot, I could put 3 COM in about the same time I would be sighting up a follow up shot in a larger caliber.

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