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alternating hp and fmj in the magazine

This is a discussion on alternating hp and fmj in the magazine within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; While I certainly won't argue that mixing FMJ and JHP could increase the chances of malfunction, I believe that in any quality pistol that has ...

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Thread: alternating hp and fmj in the magazine

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    While I certainly won't argue that mixing FMJ and JHP could increase the chances of malfunction, I believe that in any quality pistol that has been tested with both "brands" that are loaded, the increase would be statistically insignificant.

    Like I said before, the only guys I know who do this with any sort of regularity are PSD operatives in the various sandboxes. These guys are armed as well as any military unit in the small-arms department - SAWs, M4s, Designated Defensive Marksman (read: sniper) rifles, etc. The standard sidearm is the Glock 19. They engage in a LOT of shooting at vehicles, so the ability to penetrate a car door/windshield is of high importance (and I know, no pistol round - and many rifle rounds - reliably penetrate car parts, but FMJ would seem to have a slight advantage here). They all have long guns in hand as primary weapons, and only transition to a pistol if things aren't working with the rifle or the situation absolutely demands a pistol. In all of the thousands of rounds fired over there in training and in anger, I've heard of exactly 0 failures that could be attributed to mixing ammo. (Caveats: 1-Obviously, I don't know about every single training event and firefight that has happened, but I have several good contacts over there that keep me filled in as much as possible. 2- These are Glocks, famously reliable and not picky about what ammo you feed them. 3- The only "max-and-match" ammo types were 124gr Hydra-Shok and 124gr NATO ball, so this is a very small selection.)

    Personal experience: On my first trip to Afghanistan to serve on a high-profile protective detail, I considered doing this very thing. In preparation, I fired several hundred rounds of mixed mag ammo through my duty Sig and the Glock 19 that I was going to be using in-country. I did this to test handling characteristics much more than to test reliability (I wasn't worried about that at all), because the 124gr NATO is fairly hot stuff. I noticed the difference in the Glock, less so in the heavier Sig, but in neither pistol was it so bad that it affected my shooting. I eventually just went with JHP, hoping that - if I was using a pistol - I was shooting at a person at close range and not a vehicle or other hard target.

    Just a few more points to ponder.
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    Interesting discussion with some excellent points being raised.

    When I wear the Deputy Sheriff uniform, I carry 3 loaded mags on me...2 in the pouch and one in the gun. Since I carry a Sig220 which is a 9 shot gun, thats a total of 25 rounds, one being in the chamber.

    In my go-to bag that generally stays in the car, I have another box of Win SXT, a full box of Remington LEO Double Ought and several loaded mags of .223. That includes several more magazines of loaded .45 some with FMJ.

    Now, realistically I dont have a whole lot of faith in handguns as there are way too many people that have been shot with them that lived to tell about it. With that being said, if I go to a call and weapons are involved, the shotgun automatically comes out.That shotgun has 8 in the tube along with another 6 on a sidesaddle. I decided long ago that if I was to be in a gunfight that I am going to do whatever it takes to win and I learned long ago not to bring a pistol to a gunfight.

    I also know that things can change in the blink of an eye and you can go from seemingly normal call to one that can have you fighting for your life in the next few seconds. If that happens, normally the only gun you'll have is the one that you are wearing and that'll have to do.

    I have shot many,many rounds of both JHP,FMJ and RNL through that Sig and I have complete confidence in its ability to digest whatever I feed it. If I didn't, I wouldn't carry it.

    I said all that to say this...
    I simply look at the FMJ in a different magazine as just another tool to use. I dont expect to have to use it, but in the unlikely event that I get into an extended shootout that may be from vehicle to vehicle or an assailant behind cover, its nice to know that its there if I need it.
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