New polymer jacket ammo.

New polymer jacket ammo.

This is a discussion on New polymer jacket ammo. within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know its a no-no to reload for SD but, with higher ammo prices (due in part to metal shortage) would going with new technology ...

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Thread: New polymer jacket ammo.

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    New polymer jacket ammo.

    I know its a no-no to reload for SD but, with higher ammo prices (due in part to metal shortage) would going with new technology be feasible? Hear is a link to a new polymer jacketed bullet:

    I don't really care about the efficiency as much as lowering the copper cost. Brass can be reused and lead isn't going up as fast. It might be a partial solution to range work. This would save your praemium SD ammo primarily for carry.

    In the end will poly-jacketed bullets be the future? Just like polymer frames have gained ground?
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    I have heard about a lot of people loading their own bullets for self defense in their rifles, but not commonly in pistols.

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    I've reloaded Bear creek moly
    coated bullets in 38spl,357mag,
    44spl and 45 colt.What i like the
    best is the lack of airborn lead
    dust on a indoor range.They are
    just as accurate as jacketed bullets and just as easy to clean
    up after.

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    Don't know about poly coated bullets, but I have had good luck with plated bullets (berry brand) for reloading.
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    Polymer Bullets

    Did a fire inspection on a business that makes projectiles for 20mm cannons once. They gave me a projectile that was a Tungsten cored plastic bullet with a thin Aluminum base. The plastic was super heavy duty stuff like a Pelican case, and the base was only a thin bit of anodized aluminum. I was told that the plastic rode the bore and fouling was cleaned by the soft Aluminum disc and the light weight made for a much faster velocity. On impct the Tungsten did all the work. I lost the projectile a few years ago, but if it worked in a super fast 20mm, Why not in a 9mm?

    Oh, BTW for those tht dislike CCI Blazer I was told the cases were Aluminum and were made at a different facility for 20mm, 25mm and 30mm (think A10 aircraft cannon). If it can work in something that hot...

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    I wont use reloads for defense , IMHO its just a matter of time tho till we see " Nyclad " again and it was some nasty stuff for its time .
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