A .45ACP question

A .45ACP question

This is a discussion on A .45ACP question within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This came to mind from another conversation here, where someone said they used FMJ and had no problem shooting through a window. So, here's the ...

View Poll Results: What do you carry in your .45 ACP?

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  • Full Metal Jacket

    10 6.80%
  • Jacketed Hollow Point

    124 84.35%
  • both, mixed in the same mag

    3 2.04%
  • JHP in the gun, back up mag with FMJ

    9 6.12%
  • FMJ in the gun, back up mag with JHP

    1 0.68%
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Thread: A .45ACP question

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    A .45ACP question

    This came to mind from another conversation here, where someone said they used FMJ and had no problem shooting through a window.

    So, here's the question.

    IF you carry a .45ACP pistol, do you carry Full Metal Jacket, or do you carry Hollow points?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Lowe View Post
    This came to mind from another conversation here, where someone said they used FMJ and had no problem shooting through a window.

    So, here's the question.

    IF you carry a .45ACP pistol, do you carry Full Metal Jacket, or do you carry Hollow points?
    I carry hollow points, but I have carried FMJs on a few occasions when Hollow points were not available.

    .45 is the only cartridge I would feel safe doing that with however.

    I carry the hollow points for expansion and reducing the risks of over penetration in the .45. In anything less I carry hollow points to maximize trauma. Trauma with the .45 is pretty darned maximized hollow point or FMJ.

    With other rounds I just want a lot of trauma so that the threat is neutralized quickly, with .45 I just want to make sure my round doesn't keep going after it's put down my threat.

    Edited to say that I voted in the pole to say JHP because that's what I primarily carry but on two occasions in the last week I have carries FMJs and have been perfectly happy with that. However, when I do carry FMJs it's usually both magazines (the one in the gun and the back up mags) because I'd just finished shooting all of my Hollow Points and still want to be armed.

    I wouldn't mix FMJs and Hollow points in the same magazine. Consistency in the rounds in your magazine is important, especially if you need to prove yourself in court. For the same reason I would not load my back up magazine with something other than what was in my gun. It's either all FMJs or all Hollow Points and no mixing of grains or brands. All or nothing.

    If you had a pole option that said, "Both. Sometimes FMJ in gun and spare mag. Sometimes Hollow points in gun and spare mag," (or something similar) I would vote for that, but that option is not available so here I type.

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    I carry Cor-Bon DPX (185gr +P). Since it uses a solid copper bullet, it's technically not a jacketed hollowpoint, but it is a hollowpoint so I voted JHP in the poll.

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    Sometimes the third mag I carry will be a FMJ full. I mainly rely on Fed Hydrashocks for effective performance.
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    Guess I am the only FMJ vote so far. My 1911 gets a little finicky at times with commercial hollow points (handloaded HPs no problem!) so I just run the reliable ball.

    Somehow I've got that Vincent D'nofrio line stuck in my head now " full ... metal ... jacket ..."

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    Member Array Wayne G.'s Avatar
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    I carry JHP's (Hydra-Shoks) but would not hesitate to carry FMJ's. I certainly wouldn't feel under-gunned with them.

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    Speer Gold Dots here....
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    Jhp mostly but i have carried ball when i couldnt find JHP to replace my carry load after time

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    I normally carry 165-grain Premium Personal Defense Hydra-Shoks in my Colt CCO. My Norinco M1911A1 usually is loaded with FMJ, as it has proven to be somewhat ammunition sensitive. Since I carry the CCO far more often, I voted JHPs.

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    Don't make this decision until you have thoroughly tested your ammo choices. The 1911, for example, was made for FMJ - Military Ball. Mine eats that stuff for lunch. Some 1911's have issues with JHP. I have extensively tested Magtech's Guardian Gold 185 gr. +P JHP and, to my delight, my 1911 loves it! With a heavier recoil spring, my 1911 shoots the +P load with no problems AND I get 540 ft. lbs. of energy at the muzzle with excellent groups.

    Beware the shop talk and test your ammo candidates in YOUR gun before staking your life on it.
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    Modern JHPs in .45 give massive expansion but will still punch through car bodies.
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    Well I voted JHP because that's what I usually have in my Micro and it's backup mag. When I feel like carrying my Commander though, it's favorite diet is EFMJ which pretty much functions like HP.

    I tend to keep a third mag loaded with FMJ in the truck console.
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    pw"r"balls what category are they, hollow pt with a ball profile

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    Some FMJ at the range only...otherwise...JHP in my .45's.

    Stay armed...stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    "Over penetration" has been over-hyped something fierce.

    It happens, but rarely does it ever wound a second person.

    I use FMJs because those designer bullets have gotten lawmen killed with their finicky manners of over expansion too soon, or getting caught up in clothing, etc.

    With FMJs, I KNOW those buggers are going to penetrate. If they hit bone, etc., they will seriously break those bones or tear cartilage.

    I use .45 caliber guns, so I know I'm going to make a large hole in what I shoot at. If the guy takes cover behind certain items, a .45 FMJ stands a chance of penetrating.

    FMJs = full penetration
    .45 = big hole
    FMJs + .45s = CONFIDENCE.

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