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Soft Shooting 9mm HP for my gf

This is a discussion on Soft Shooting 9mm HP for my gf within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Get some Independance fmj for practice since they are mild shooting and accurate to 10 yds; then have the Fed EPFMC for SD....

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Thread: Soft Shooting 9mm HP for my gf

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    Get some Independance fmj for practice since they are mild shooting
    and accurate to 10 yds; then have the Fed EPFMC for SD.

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    By the way the Federal 9BP HP load has very near been the most accurate load in most every 9mm handgun I've tried them in.
    4 Ruger P-89's - 3 yes, 1 no
    1 Ruger P-93 - yes
    1 Ruger P-95 - yes
    3 CZ 75's - 2 yes, 1 no
    3 Beretta's - 2 yes, 1 no
    2 Kahr's - 1 yes, 1 no
    1 Tanfaglio TZ-75 - yes
    1 Llama 1911 9mm - no
    1 Sig 228 - yes
    1 Sig 226 - yes
    1 S&W 5906 - yes
    1 Glock -19 - no

    I do not claim to have tested all 9mm brands and weights in each gun listed but I did test at least five different loads in each one as is my SOP. Without exception though the Fed load did not malfunction in any of the guns listed. By far it was always the most pleasant load to shoot( read as lowest recoil/ muzzel jump). Last but not least for all guns in the list I also fired at least 3 rounds of each load into a fackler box(see, water box tests). The Fed 115 gr 9BP HP average expansion from all the firearms mentioned was .56" and avg penetration was 18"-20"( equates to roughly 10"- 11.1" in gelatin). This load has a proven street record. Nothing to jump up and down about but pretty reliably predictable.

    I hope this is helpful info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GotSig? View Post
    Im trying to teach my GF how to shoot. She has always been afraid of firearms even though shes a Criminal justice major. She has shot my Kahr pm9 and likes it with standard FMJ stuff but and HP i have let her shoot is too much. I have tried 124gr and 115gr non +P Golddots so far. On saturday i have some 147gr golddots for her to try, but im a bit weary of a 147 out of a short barrel. Anyone else have any suggestions , she refuses to shoot a bigger gun, and the Kahr fits her little hand like a glove, its just snappy. This is going to be her bedstand gun for when im working nights so i want the peace of mind that if needed, the rounds will perform. I have shot Doubletap 124's out of it before and i know she's not ready for that mule.

    So to recap, i need a soft shooting 9mm HP thats still effective for SD. Thanks
    The Corbon DPX 115gr +P 9mm is a very soft shooting round.

    It does not feel like a +P round at all.

    The first time I shot some I thought I put in a mag of WWB by mistake. I was shooting some Corbon 115gr +P HP, Corbon DPX and WWB that day. There was a big difference between the Corbon 115gr HPs and the DPX. The WWB and the DPX were very close in felt recoil.
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