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I can't think of anyone that would seriously argue that they would rather have 5 rounds of 38 sp. instead of 8 rounds of .45 ACP (all other things being equal, of course) if they knew they were going to be a gunfight. I think the discussion would likely center around other factors. For example, there could conceivably be times where it simply isn't practical to carry a G21 (even if that's your normal EDC). If those limited instances it might be prudent to remain armed, but armed with a S&W 642/638/442/etc. instead for greater concealability and lighter weight. If that's that case, I think it's a darn good idea to give some serious thought to what's going to be in that J-frame if you do have to push the bang button.

Personally I prefer to have my G19 on me all the time (16 rounds of JHP Speer Gold Dot tend to be comforting to me). However, there are times when it just makes more sense to "downgrade" to a 642, but retain the ability to defend myself. I guess I'm just talking about trade-offs. Just my .02.

Well said brother, Semper Fi.