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What about the "pain" factor in "stopping power"?

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Thread: What about the "pain" factor in "stopping power"?

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    Pain builds character, but it doesn't stop bad guys.
    When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts & minds will follow. Semper Fi.

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    My dad always said: "A little pain never hurt anybody. Get back to work."
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    Having popped myself with a .22 a few years back, I can tell you first hand that there was no pain immmediately and only began after ~45 seconds when I realized what I had done.... Pain level was probably only a 7-8 (burning), but with the panic (I was intoxicated) it seemed much worse.....
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    First off, the term "stopping power" should be banned from our vocabulary. What you're talking about is the difference between stopping someone psychologically and physiologically. Physiologically, they can't physically continue to advance towards you and pose a threat. Psychologically, they give up for whatever reason which may involve pain. I'm not going to gamble and hope I can stop someone psychologically. That's why 9mm is my minimum caliber, and I only use JHP that meets the highest standards as determined by those who would know, such as Dr. Gary Roberts. If I do my part, I trust my equipment to be able to do its part and hopefully that's a combo that is capable of a physiological stop.

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    The bottom line is you cannot depend on pain to be a motivator with some people. Adrenaline and fear or drugs & alcohol may increase their pain tolerance greatly.

    The most recent shooting victim I know was behind the counter during a liquor store robbery. He took one round to the left forearm, one through the upper arm into the upper chest/lung and a third round just above the beltline that fortunately exited without hitting the kidney.

    All three hits were from a 9mm using FMJ except the 2nd shot which struck his forearm and expanded. He related that the sound of the gun going off was frightening and he felt impacts as he fell (he was on his knees per the thug). He managed to get up after the thug left, call 9-1-1 and then when he felt a little dizzy he walked outside and over to the 7-11 so other people would be with him if he passed out. He felt a "warm to hot sensation" where he'd been hit, but assumed it was blood, not pain. PD and EMS arrived within 4 minutes. Within 15 minutes he was enroute to the hospital. When doctors put a chest tube in was more painful. But when he woke up the next day -- they gave him morphine for the pain for a day and a half.
    BillCA in CA (Unfortunately)
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    Sometimes a person feels pain quickly, but sometimes not. As others have pointed out, the stories of people not realizing they were shot until later. My father related that same fact when he was shot at a beach called Salerno. He did not realize he was shot (through the right kidney no less!) until he saw the blood. It started to hurt bad after maybe a minute, he said. He recovered and lived to be 80.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    The two people that I know who have been gunshot - one close range with a .357 did not even know that he was actually shot right when it happened...it just felt hot - and that was a solid hit to the upper leg that really removed/destroyed meat.
    Pretty much the universal assessment of many, many people I've worked on who had been shot. Basically, you're alive or dead. If you're still alive and have at least 1 limb, you can still do harm. (Ala, stories from my granddad in WWII, and my stepdad from Vietnam, regarding injuries they saw.)

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    Superhouse, you say that right after you discovered you were shot you unloaded your weapon and had a "conversation"?!! I'm guess'n the "conversing" was mostly on your part and consisted of delivering a first rate cuss'n out to some bozo who didn't know how to safely handle a firearm?!!

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