Is Blazer Brass always dirty?

This is a discussion on Is Blazer Brass always dirty? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I shot my first box of Blazer .40 today in my XD40sc and when I went to clean the gun this evening it was extremely ...

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Thread: Is Blazer Brass always dirty?

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    Is Blazer Brass always dirty?

    I shot my first box of Blazer .40 today in my XD40sc and when I went to clean the gun this evening it was extremely dirty....more so than WWB. Is this always the case? I also noticed more muzzle flash.

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    Was that the aluminum cased deal or brass? I have shot quite a bit of aluminum cased 9mm ... 124's I think and those had Gold Dot bullets .. but did not notice undue crud or flash.

    I guess we need to hear from other CCI Blazer .40 users. Didn't think there was much that could be dirtier than some WWB!! Oh, unless I count a box of UMC .45acp once - and that was just filthy!!!
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    I've shot some Blazer Brass .40, didn't notice anymore fouling than with WWB. Cheap ammo is generally dirty though...maybe I just didn't pay attention.


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    Blazer's dirty, but at least all the brass is the same!
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    Compared to high quality, expensive ammunition oh yea it is.

    If you are comparing it with low end shoot and plink stuff, well its all dirty then.
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    I have used Blazer .45 ACP in the past and it left my gun FILTHY. I have never experienced this with any other brand of ammunition.
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    Is Blazer Brass always dirty?

    Only when you shoot it!

    We use blazer in training most of the time. We shoot 9mm, .40 and .45. It is all dirty stuff, but its fine. Just clean it up real good, you should be doing that anyway after a range trip.
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    I agree with Sixto, just clean your weapons after each use. Last I checked solvent was cheaper than ammo.

    I use the Blazer Brass stuff in my M&P 40c. It groups better than WWB, Federal Am Eagle, or Rem UMC. I didn't notice it dirtying up my gun any more than any other ammo I've used. I've noticed that the nasty factor is more a function of the gun than the ammo. My Beretta 92 9mm and this new S&W M&P 40c shoot much, much, much cleaner than my S&W 1911. The 1911 is a mess no matter what I feed it.

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    my .45 XD is fed blazer almost exclusively at the range, and it does come out dirtier than when I use some nice hollow points. However, you've got to clean the gun anyway, and the grime is easier to see if there is more of it!
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    Seems like Blazer in shorter barreled guns (at least for me) , spits out hot gunpowder gunk all over the place. After 100 rounds my compacts are almost dripping around the ejection port (ok a little exageration). I really don't care for the stuff, I prefer WWB. It's almost as dirty though.

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    yeah pretty much its dirty the 38's are down right grungy

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    I found the WWB to be much dirtier than Blazer Brass but maybe it's just my perception. I shoot Blazer Brass in both my G23 and G30 so I've used .40 s&w and .45 acp.

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    Yeah, it's dirty but so is every other cheap range ammo I've tried. I'll deal with dirty range ammo for the price because I'm going to clean it after every range trip anyway. If you want clean and cheap I'd suggest you look into hand loading so you can choose a cleaner powder.
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