reduced velocity 9mm ammo ?

reduced velocity 9mm ammo ?

This is a discussion on reduced velocity 9mm ammo ? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi, My wife just particpated in her 1st IPSC match. She liked it !! Question: Does anyone know of a source for a "mid range" ...

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Thread: reduced velocity 9mm ammo ?

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    reduced velocity 9mm ammo ?

    My wife just particpated in her 1st IPSC match. She liked it !!

    Question: Does anyone know of a source for a "mid range" load for 9 mm. She shoots a small Tarus Millenium and it would be helpful to have a little less recoil/muzzle rise for shooting paper ...

    Any suggestions ?? Thanks in advance.... mike

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    The Remington Express 9mm rounds have quite a bit less energy than their hotter counterparts. The American Eagle subsonic FMJ is also a candidate. If you shop around, you can find a variety of subsonic rounds available. Check Precision Delta, for example. Search Google for "9mm subsonic FMJ fps" for anything under 999 fps and you'll see what's available.

    One option is, if you've got a semi-auto where lighter recoil springs are available, to have a local shop make up ~800fps FMJ for practice and competitions. Once you get the match of the ammo to the recoil spring, you can end up with a gun that kicks much, much less than with most factory ammo. Did this with a local range, some years back, when I becan toying with IPSC. Helped with follow-on shots, though in order to get the run to run correctly it required tuning with the right recoil spring.
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    Expensive, but the Federal "Personal Defense" stuff is usually very mild... but, it's expensive.

    I always thought that WWB was pretty mild...

    Your best bet really is to get into reloading. That said, I don't reload myself and those who do would have to jump in here for anymore on the subject.

    Josh <><

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