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what do you guys like for 12 gauge hd ammo?

This is a discussion on what do you guys like for 12 gauge hd ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; ............nutz, double post. apologies. Dan...

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Thread: what do you guys like for 12 gauge hd ammo?

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    ............nutz, double post.


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    I'd go with #4 shot in a reduced recoil law-enforcement load. I think one is made by Federal <?>.

    Least wall penetration while still being effective against human targets.

    For slugs I like the Brenekke KO... inexpensive, accurate and solid.
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    Winchester reduced recoil OO Buck in the mag of my 870 (reduced recoil so my bride can also shoot it). Brenneke KO slugs in the side saddle. (Same rational as previously mentioned - by the time a few rounds have been fired perp is either T.U. or is behind cover. Brenneke's really penetrate....)

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    I usually use Remington BuckHammer Managed Recoil slugs, and have never heard of the Brenneke KO slug, so I decided to Goggle it. Off topic, but may be of interest:

    Slug Comparisons


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    I used to have a preference for a shot called "BB". It was in between #2 shot and 0000 buck. Don't find it anymore. Right now all I can find is 00 and 000. So I am loaded with the triple aught.

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    How about 3 1/2" #4 magnum turkey load!! works to approx 40-50 yrds. haha

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    I decided to go with the federal tactical reduced recoil 00 I can get locally for 32.00 for 50 shells

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    Short brass #4's for around the house. Not so much overpenetration through walls, but plenty enough thump to put a man down.

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