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Winchester White Box Failure Rate

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Thread: Winchester White Box Failure Rate

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    Re: WWB ammo from "Wally world," I also experienced an unexplained lack of consistency on paper from my Bushmaster. At first I thought I was getting a real bargain when I was able to get these rounds for such a low price ($4.50/20 rd box) last year, but when I finally got around to firing them, instead of my normal .4" to 1.0" groups, I was getting more of a "pattern," which varied between approx. 4" - 7"! After inspecting my weapon (scope screws, chamber, etc.), I switched back to my handloads and some other factory loads I had brought, and voila!, a return to accuracy. Well, almost. I did notice a small drop-off in group size, which remained unexplained until after I had thoroughly cleaned my rifle and returned to the range some weeks later. My handloads and the Black Hills stuff proceeded to restore my faith in Bushmaster quality. All I can figure is that the WWB ammo uses a powder/primer combo which is especially dirty (?).

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    Wanna buy some wwb?

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    My one experience with WWB.

    Got a brand new sig 239 chambered in .357, and two boxes of WWB.

    Miserable. Failures to feed & Failures to fire. Something like 30 rounds did not fire when hit... They did all fire with additional hammer drops. Total of 150 hammer pulls to shoot 100 rounds!

    After that experience with WWB, the 239 has been 100% with any other ammo i've thrown at it

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    In the last four years, 4K+ rounds of WWB 45ACP through various 1911s (AMT HB, and various Colts) and a G30. Three feed failures - AMT with the same GI-copy magazine every time. Same pistol with Wilson, AMT, or Colt magazines - no problems. Zero failed to fire.

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    In the past year, since I saw how reasonable the prices of WWB, not sure how many rounds of .40S&W and only recently 9mm and NOT ONE FTF or FTE.... let me repeat - NOT ONE FTF or FTE.
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    Add me to the long list of people that have never had a "problem" with the Winchester Value Packs.

    I fire an average of 400 rounds/Month in 9mm and 45 ACP with about 300 of those rounds being 45 ACP. I've been really pleased with the 100 Round Value Pacs and even with the recent price increase in ammo I continue to buy it instead of reloading. I am however saving my brass now for reloading.

    In 38 Special and 357 Magnum I shoot Remington UMC 100 Round Value Paks. I occaisionally buy the UMC 250 Round Packs in 45 ACP as well. I'm also saving that brass for reloading.

    I've seen more failures of the Winchester LEO Only Fragmenting ammo at the range, but that's just my expirience.


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    I find this topic both interesting and surprizing.... I have been using the WWB for more years than I can count (mostly because I am a cheap ******* ) Never had any problems.... I completely believe those who report problems with WWB but since I have never had any problems myself, I'm not sure what to do with this info.....Hmmmm mike

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    The only problem that I have had with WWB is with my revolvers. They have light trigger springs that will not strike Winchester's hard primers hard enough to set them off. I use WWB with my semi autos with no problems.
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