SXT Question

SXT Question

This is a discussion on SXT Question within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Could anyone tell me what the difference between Winchesters SXT round and the new Ranger T-Series is?...

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Thread: SXT Question

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    SXT Question

    Could anyone tell me what the difference between Winchesters SXT round and the new Ranger T-Series is?

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    I posted the same question, 'almost'.
    There are 2 types of T- series Ranger ammo. The latest introduction is suppose to penetrate barriers and maintain its integrity and not break apart.
    I do not have any personal experience with the 'new' Ranger.
    I've been told that the 'old' Ranger is pretty good ammo.
    I've also been told that the 'old' and the 'new' ranger ammo both carry the same 'code'-RA45T.
    Independent tests have shown that the 'P+' version of the Ranger series penetrates LESS than standard pressure Ranger ammo.
    The Only thing that I know for sure is that the Ranger ammo runs a little hotter (880fps.) than the SXT premium load.
    I hope someone out there could shed some better light on your question.
    Good luck and Good Shooting!

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    If you mean the black box SXT that's available to anybody, as opposed th the Ranger stuff marked "leo only" or such like, there are a few differences. The civilian SXT has eight petals on the jacket and a deep cup-shaped hollow point. The petals are not sharp like the evil Black Talon. The bullet is built the same way, but the shape of the jacket, and the expanded hollow piont, is different. If you have a nickle plated case and a copper bullet with petals in the front, and just lead in the hollow piont, it's a plain old SXT. The Ranger T has six petals that extend into the JHP, and have sharp edges to them. They expand into the classic "rip your guts out" sharp mushroom that was all over the news back then. Early versions were black bullets in a brass case, now they're copper in nickle cases. All are known as Ranger T or Ranger Talon. There is a line of Ranger ammo with plain JHP bullets, no "Talons", so make sure you read carefully. Original Black Talons were evil assault bullets that can kill without warning, usually on their own, so avoid them at all costs. They were black bullets in nickle cases with 6 talons, and came in a box very simialr to the SXTs. I guess they're collectable now. The popular thought is that Black Talon was banned, but it was withdrawn from civillian sales by Winchester voluntarily (unless some jurisdictions banned it, which wouldn't surprise me). It was never illegal to own or shoot that I'm aware of, and it's fairly easy to get Ranger T today. I hear the T .380 load is a top of the line BUG loading.

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