What grain .45 ammo in 4 inch barrel

What grain .45 ammo in 4 inch barrel

This is a discussion on What grain .45 ammo in 4 inch barrel within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I need your experienced input. I have a .45 XD compact with a 4 inch barrel. It is my primary carry self defence weapon. Please ...

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  • 230 gr. +P

    41 19.34%
  • 230 gr.

    111 52.36%
  • 185 gr. +P

    29 13.68%
  • 185 gr.

    25 11.79%
  • 165 gr. +P

    3 1.42%
  • 165 gr.

    5 2.36%
  • other

    9 4.25%
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    What grain .45 ammo in 4 inch barrel

    I need your experienced input. I have a .45 XD compact with a 4 inch barrel. It is my primary carry self defence weapon. Please tell me what you use and why. Thanks
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    Well, that's 100% for 230+p! Gold Dot short barrel +p to be exact. Of course, I got in the poll first, so no doubt that will change. My ccw class instructor is a big fan of "big heavy bullets", and while he managed to convince me, I still believe shot placement is more important than caliber. So, I carry a .45 most of the time, but on those occasions that I carry my 9MM, I don't feel undergunned. I can shoot both accurately (at least at paper that's not shooting back)!


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    I prefer the 200gr +P GDHP, has the best energy of all the .45 loads at 518ft/lbs (confirmed with chrony)

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    Jan 2007
    +1 for 200 GDHP +P

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    I shoot standard pressure 230s thro all .45s . it simplifies things , and honestly i am more about placement than expansion .
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    +2 for 200 GDHP +P

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasSIG View Post
    +2 for 200 GDHP +P
    +3 Speer Gold Dots 200+P

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    If it's shot at night, i'll take the lower flash with a standard load .45, thank you
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    I have the same Xd and I carrry conceled for self defense and after several home expansion and accuracy tests I settled on the 185 grn. Corbon DPX for my primary defense ammo. Shot placement is what I count on and the Dpx penetrates with good expansion as well. Just my opinion and what I prefer.

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    I carry the Kimber Compact 4" and used to use Speer Gold Dot 200 gr. +P . Recently I have switched to Federals HST 230 gr. +P as reports give it very high praise. Either one you can't go wrong with. Either will function fine in a 4" barrel.

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    I tried some of the Gold Dot 200+p's in my XD 45 compact and did not like them. They had serious muzzle flip. I prefer faster follow up shots, so I went with 185gr. Silvertips. They are very reliable expanders and are accurate out of my pistol.
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    I'm partial to the 185 Grain +P and it's what I carry in my 4" Revolver.

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    Federal 230 grain Hydrashok JHP, is what i would use w/a four inch barrel in a 1911.
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    200gr +p Gold Dots in my Sig. I could barley notice the difference in recoil between them and the standard 230gr's Gold dots so it was a pretty easy decision for me.
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    I have two .45s so my standard for practice and carry is 230gr.
    But I do keep some 185gr Win Silvertip around.
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