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Hollow Point Misfeeds

This is a discussion on Hollow Point Misfeeds within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by aus71383 Just be careful with that frame ramp is all I'm saying. It has exact dimensions and can easily be ruined - ...

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Thread: Hollow Point Misfeeds

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    Quote Originally Posted by aus71383 View Post
    Just be careful with that frame ramp is all I'm saying. It has exact dimensions and can easily be ruined - there's no replacing that stuff once it comes off.


    And be careful that you don't break through the surface anodizing on an aluminum frame. Very easy to do with a Dremel tool.

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    Yes, agreed, b careful. Research first. But don't let fear keep u from doing a fluff and buff. It's easy. A polisher wont slip and cut away a chunk. Just don't push down like Godzilla and ya oughta b ok. For the aluminum frame do it by hand (with very fine wool) on the rails but polishing tool on feed ramp.. I'm starting to wonder how many people actually do this on their own weapons. Maybe it's more of a distant concept than I previously thunk'd. A fluff and buff is a one time deal and you should only have to do it on a new weapon. There is lots out there in literature explaining how to do this if an experienced freind is not around. Gunsmiths r great (at least mine is) but u don't need one for this. Bob

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    There is SO LITTLE of the frame feed ramp that actually contacts the bullet nose that unless the top 1/8" or less of the frame ramp is extremely messed up...I would not even touch the frame feed ramp.

    With an Aluminum frame I would not tamper with it at all.
    That would be because the Anodizing on an Aluminum frame is a Hard Coat anodizing and the Aluminum base metal is much softer beneath the hardcoat.

    So unless you intend to re-anodize the frame it might be wise just to leave it alone even if it is slightly rough.

    Try This Below~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    If you remove your Top End (Slide & Barrel) and insert/lock a loaded magazine into your frame - and then carefully push the top cartridge forward from the rear - you will see for yourself that the cartridge barely contacts the frame feed ramp during the feed cycle.

    The frame feed ramp really only acts as a curved wedge that serves to tip the bullet nose up toward the barrel ramp and chamber.

    The frame feed ramp is usually never the real reason why a 1911 pattern pistol will not feed reliably.
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    After finding a ammo and mag combination that works, I'd run at least a couple of hundred rounds of that choice of hollow point through the gun to make sure that it's 100% free of malfunctions.
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