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Which is better energy or weight?

This is a discussion on Which is better energy or weight? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; high velocity, high expansion and maximum energy transfered is key!...

View Poll Results: Which is more important bullet weight or energy?

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Thread: Which is better energy or weight?

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    high velocity, high expansion and maximum energy transfered is key!
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    With a 10 yard running start, would you rather be hit by an All American Defensive Lineman or an All American Outside Linebacker? A 12 gauge slug or a .338 Lapua? A .45 acp or a .357 sig? I want enough velocity to take my bullet design to maxium expansion (efficiency) with enough weight to carry that bullet into vital areas. I didn't vote because either idea, when taken to extreme examples, isn't as good as BOTH ideas when they're kept in the middle of the acceptable range.
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    One instance where this get's really silly is the .499 Beowolf carbine cartridge.

    It's one heck of heavy load but with proper velocity behind it, it comes up really short in the "effectivness" of it's caliber due to the nature in which it is to be employed.

    Orange County Sherrifs department in Florida just spend thousands on an AR platform with this caliber. They wanted them for escaped elephants from local amusement parks. (LOL) Any guide gun in 45_70 is a much better performer if your looking to take out an elephant.

    Guess none of the Orange County Sherrifs department consulted with any big game hunters. I suspect they had a HSD grant and needed to spend the money or face a smaller grant this upcoming year.

    Point being, that weight without proper velocity is just like hand throwing a big rock.
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    Definitly energy transfer, you want to dump all your energy in your target, not have a heavy one keep going all the way through your intended target.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    After thinking about it...the poll is a bit vague.
    Yeah as they are so tied together to get the same amount of energy (here it goes the 9 vs 45 story again) you have to push a smaller caliber bullet very fast to = a slower heaver bullet, but then I am just parroting what most everyone here knows. So you must have good energy transfer for a round to be useful at all.
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    In rough terms, energy = mass x velocity squared.

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    so the questions is.. is the bullet weight more important, or is a combo of the bullet weight and the bullet velocity more important....
    hmmm.... i choose NRG

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    a bullet that delivers all it energy to the target is better then one that goes thru transferring only a part of that energy.
    Holes are nice but the real damage is the energy transfer.
    Hollow points are designed for energy transfer by increasing diameter and releasing that energy to the target, versus the FMJ which is designed to punch holes.

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    I'm going to say that energy transfer is the most important thing.
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    Energy to shock the body. That's what will stop someone.

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    The design of the bullet is more important than either weight or velocity.

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    The purpose of bullets is to make holes in something/someone. The bigger the hole each bullet makes, the better. Hollowpoints are made to make bigger holes for the size of the caliber than full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets would. Increased energy transfer from the hollowpoint is just a (minor, in handguns) beneficial side effect.

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    Ever hear a hunter say the bullet just blew apart upon impact?
    Ever hear them say bullet went in, and left a golf ball size exit hole?

    Two holes bleed more than one.
    Keep your powder dry

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    To borrow a line from Rob Pincus, "Shot placement and volume of fire is more critical than bullet mass."

    I would go so far as to add velocity to the mix as well, as in ...mass and velocity.

    That said, if you can handle a .40 or .45 and put the rounds where they count, why limit yourself to something smaller and lighter? If 9mm is all you can reliably shoot well, then 9mm is what is best.

    Using a cheap hollowpoint is a vast improvement over ball in energy transfer, and a quality defensive ammuntion plays the trump card over both.
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    "Point being, that weight without proper velocity is just like hand throwing a big rock."

    Then there's the version that says "a lack of weight without proper velocity is just like hand throwing mosquito legs.

    That rock still looks better.

    The first five posters at the beginning of this thread provide some great thoughts on the subject.

    I like a large helping of weight myself, choosing bullets in the heavier end of weights suitable for the given cartridge, both in rifle and handgun.

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