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Which is better energy or weight?

This is a discussion on Which is better energy or weight? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; +1 Tangle. I get a round that functions well in my large caliber gun that is a modern hollowpoint design and is reasonably priced. For ...

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Thread: Which is better energy or weight?

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    +1 Tangle.

    I get a round that functions well in my large caliber gun that is a modern hollowpoint design and is reasonably priced. For me, that's 230 grain HST.


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    Make mine BIG and push it at a moderate speed.

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    Shall I make popcorn?

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    These type of threads are amusing and even sometimes entertaining.

    I've heard about as much "gun shop gossip" from non experts as I can stand. Hence I do not hang around the local FFL dealers and talk shop with some kid that has never seen anything more than what his coffee drinking donut eating patrol officer regular has told him about terminal ballistics and wounding effects of various calibers. I've over heard some of the most ignorant stuff that it's like trying duck away out of the back door to keep from the grin on the face that I cannot control for what I've overheard. "What are you grinning about" "Well sir, your an idiot and you need to spend some money on an entry level physics course" I'd hate to have to say that to anyone, but some need to be told it anyway.

    As P95 has already mentioned that the question is about light and fast vs heavy and slow. At what distance ? What conditions ? Barrel length of the platform ? Caliber ? Rifle or pistol centerfire ?

    Which caliber is best out to 50 meters for penetration ? .45 ACP or 9x23 or 38 Super ? Which is of those calibers is the heaviest load ? What can be expected out to 50 meters with a .45 ACP vs a 9x23 or 38 Super ? Any bullet drop ? loss of velocity ? and how much loss of velocity ?

    Why do .45 ACP 230 grains penetrate deeper but fail to achieve appropriate expansion at 25 meters ? Why does the 9mm Luger penetrate as deep and expand fully at 25 meters. You think it might have something to do with velocity being a factor in the developing energy of a given weight of an object thrown down range ? What about sectional density ?

    You think a .308 is still lethal out to 800 meters ? How much velocity does it lose at this range from the muzzle ? What other charachteristics should be considered ? Head wind ? minute of angle, magnus effect or even Coriolis affect ? Pressure wave maybe ?

    Why do snipers guage wind drift 2/3rds of the way to their intended target and not at the muzzle ? What effect does this have on the impact and penetration of the bullet in flight ? What flight path can you expect in high barametric conditions at long ranges and short ranges ? Humidity have anything to do with the loss of velocity out to the target ? Especially coupled with high barametric pressure ?

    Should I keep going ?
    U.S. Army retired

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    This article is what I also believe - in relation to energy verus weight!


    Semper Fi!

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    We are talking about momentum vs. energy here. As several have noted, momentum comes from larger bullets moving at moderate speeds in a specified caliber which seem to be more effective than high energy loadings alone when considered against a live target, whether man or beast. Given that moderate loads with bigger bullets are also somewhat more controllable than high energy loadings in a specified caliber (ask the IPSC guys about this one) then it seems reasonable to give the nod to heavier bullets in a chosen caliber rather than a lighter one moving faster. It is the transfer of MOMENTUM not just energy that does that job in living tissue it seems. The poster who acknowledged that a 45-70 would be preferred on big game to some of the faster stepping but more energetic rounds of lesser caliber was spot on. Though handguns are certainly not optimal when used against man sized targets, slower moving big (or heavier for the caliber) bullets have, over the years, proved more effective as fight stoppers when precise placement could not be achieved. It should also be noted that bullets with a larger frontal surface or "meplat" are more effective than "pointier" bullets for reasons that would require a long explaination to discuss (the probability of hollowpoints working under various conditions aside...). Thus, a larger caliber, moderate speed bullet selected as one of the heavier ones for the caliber that has a large frontal surface would be the most effective against a living target rather than a lighter but faster pointy bullet in the same or lesser caliber. Hey... I don't make this stuff up!

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    Terminal Ballistics as Viewed in a Morgue!


    This is ballistics with a twist as seen thru the eyes of a coroner!
    Like to know your thoughts about this article! Here's the site


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    Well I guess it would also depend what you are carrying..I am not afraid to carry my ppk in 32acp. I have enuff trigger time on that pistol that I shoot it instinctivley and most time I dont even remember seeing the sights. I load it with full metal jacket for penetration. Small bullet not exactly fast and I know it will be on target.
    Now I do have other carry guns, like my kahr in 40 cal. Loaded with federal 135 grn Expanding Full Metal Jacket (EFMJ). Or I could go with that 357 I have but most times its the ppk. SO big or small fast or slow its a debate that has no answer.
    But I really truely think shot placement is the deciding factor here.
    Current collection: Too many according to the wife...

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