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This is a discussion on Kel-Tec p-3AT Ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When the P3AT is all that will fit, I carry mine with the Santa Barbara surplus stuff. It still managed over 1000 fps from the ...

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Thread: Kel-Tec p-3AT Ammo

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    When the P3AT is all that will fit, I carry mine with the Santa Barbara surplus stuff. It still managed over 1000 fps from the short-barreled KelTec in my own testing. The bullet is not an expanding design but has a decent flat nose profile, slightly concave. I'm looking for deep penetration with my use of .380 ACP for self-defense. I don't much care for the P3AT. For its size though it's a whole sight better than a .25 ACP.

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    I have had very good luck with the Gold Dot and the CorBon DPX. The DPX though seems very hard to find!!

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    In my P3AT I usually try to purchase a HP with a but of the rounded nose....They seem to feed fine...I have a G1, and it doesn't like HP with a federal hydrashok 'cone' shape bullet.

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    The FBI recommends FMJ for .380 caliber.

    What is the best round in?

    .380 - There isn't one. The full metal jacketed round is the best of a bad choice, but only because it might penetrate.

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    I have been using Cor-Bon 90 GR JHP's so far no problems

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    Double Tap Field test

    Finally got a chance to shoot some of my Double Tap .380 ammo at the range. This round uses a 90g Gold Dot at 1000fps from the shrot KelTec barrel.

    I shoot tons of WWB FMJs out of this gun, and do not think the recoil from them is any big deal at all. My first reaction on firing the Double Taps was that the recoil was STOUT. However, after a few mags, I found it to be still manageable even for rapid fire, although I may add the finger extension floor plate to a magazine to see if that improves my speed and accuracy. I ended up shooting nearly a full box, and alternated a mag of Double Tap with a mag of WWB for comparison. Both fed with the expected reliability, 100%! I had no chronograph, but I don't doubt the 1000fps figure.

    Accuracy is similar out of this gun, more than acceptable for shooting out to 15 yards, even to 25 with slow fire due to the micro-mini sights.

    Below is a picture of a bullet recovered from the 2nd of 2 full jugs of water. It had hit the far side of the second jug but only put a small hole in it before falling to the bottom. It also left a mark on the outside of the third jug. Expansion is about .50, but was probably larger before the petals folded back so far. Very impressive!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Kel-Tec p-3AT Ammo-100_0680.jpg  

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    I've only ran Speer Gold Dot and Winchester White box through my p3at. Neither have had any troubles/problems whatsoever.

    I carry Speer Gold Dots in my XD,and P3at.

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    I have golden sabers but that fbi article has me second guessing using jhp instead of fmj in my p3at.

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    Corbon DPX. I was going to switch to Double Tap Gold Dots but some wetpack testing has shown it to not penetrate or expand as much as DPX.

    I have been impressed with DPX in all calibers. I now use it in everything.

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    Since it is the beginning of winter here in Ohio and everyone has gone to wearing heavier clothing, the first round in the chamber is a speer gold dot hollow point, followed by six 95 grain full metal jacket rounds. If the HP doesn't penetrate, the FMJ will. I train to shoot two shots quickly in succession no matter what (Tac-Tac method). Since it is a .380, there is no guarantee the first round will stop a BG. FMJ's feed 100% reliably out of my P3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by razz View Post
    The FBI recommends FMJ for .380 caliber.
    That was published in 1986, before DPX, Golden Saber, Gold Dot, etc., etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob O View Post
    That was published in 1986, before DPX, Golden Saber, Gold Dot, etc., etc.
    Very true.
    However, I'd be curious to see which load has a better incapacitation rate; the 135 Gold Dot vs. the FMJ? It seems the Gold Dot opens quite easily, so does that prevent it from reaching critical penetration depth?
    As someone else suggested, maybe staggering a HP then a FMJ etc. is the best way to carry .380??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buz View Post
    As someone else suggested, maybe staggering a HP then a FMJ etc. is the best way to carry .380??
    For me personally, I've heard warnings against staggering because the difference in recoil and flash between the rounds is in general not conducive to good shooting. Maybe its not that big of a deal...I heard it from someone whose knowledge on the matter I respect quite a bit, so I gave it more credence. It sounded a lot more convincing when I heard it than when I tried just now to lamely relay it, but perhaps I'm forgetting some of the reasons that were offered as to why staggering is not always a very good idea.

    There's also the option of making the last 3-4 rounds in the mag FMJ, with the top 3-4 rounds being JHP.
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