Aguila 12 gauge mini-shell buckshot.

Aguila 12 gauge mini-shell buckshot.

This is a discussion on Aguila 12 gauge mini-shell buckshot. within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone have experience with Aguila 12 gauge mini-shell buckshot? Can anyone offer any info on this ammo? This is the description from Aguila ...

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Thread: Aguila 12 gauge mini-shell buckshot.

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    Question Aguila 12 gauge mini-shell buckshot.

    Does anyone have experience with Aguila 12 gauge mini-shell buckshot? Can anyone offer any info on this ammo?

    This is the description from

    Aguila 12 gauge mini-shell buckshot. This ammo is a dual load buckshot with #1 and #4 buckshot and has 11 pellets and is only 1 1/2" long. This ammo has a very light recoil, so it is great for training kids to shoot with a 12 gauge. This ammo travels at 1265 FPS and is great for hunting and is a superior defense round. With this ammo your typical shotgun can hold 33% to 50% more rounds legally and have a lighter recoil. Any single, double, and most pump shotguns can use this ammo without any modifications. Unfortunately, this ammo will not work in semi-autos.


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    I bought some, but never tried them. I may have to find them and go shoot a gopher or something.
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    Great idea for a pump - no reason it shouldn't work well that I can think of. I'd be interested in trying them out if I had a pump gun.


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    Here's what I got from Aguila on these, may find it interesting:

    Notes from Aguila on Shotgun Modifications to use Minishells:
    First of all, any SAAMI/CIP approved 12ga shotgun may fire minishells, be it side-by-side, over-and-under or pump action; however, the latter type will not cycle them flawlessly. The out-of-the-box shotgun that we have tested cycling minishells very well, is the Winchester M1300 18" Defender. Winchesters 1897 seems to like the shorter rounds, however not as much as the Winchester 1300. We still have to test the Winchester 1887.
    MOSSBERGS 500/590s will cycle minishells pretty well once the shooter acquires a "feeling" as to how to pump the action; however, this will not prevent the occasional jam. To further solve the problem, we have lengthened and widened the little
    short metal bar (shell elevator), which catches the round to be subsequently fed to the ramp and chamber. This modification will not prevent you from firing regular size shot shells. The other modification that would decisively help in the proper cycling, would be to install the ejector in a more forward position to catch the spent shorter shell and eject it, before it may flip and cause jams. However, we DO NOT recommend you to do this, because you will most likely no longer be able to fire regular size shells.
    Any competent gunsmith should be able to perform the modification to the elevator described above.
    REMINGTONS 870s seem to require a more involved modification, which we have never attempted. We have received calls from clients stating that they have tried our minishells in their 870s with excellent results, and that they did not understand why we have always mentioned the potential cycling problems. To this, we would like to state once more that
    minishells will not cycle flawlessly in regular pump action shotguns, no matter how well some customers are able to cycle them. Again, the Winchester 1300 Defender would seem to be the one cycling minishells best.
    We do not know of any semi-automatic shotguns functioning with minishells.
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    I bought some and hated it. Did not cycle well in my 870 at all and it was hands down the dirtiest ammo I have ever shot. Only gun it be acceptable in for me would be a single shot beater.

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    Why design a product that they know doesn't wr but in a narrow band of product?
    So these are okay for break action shotguns and thats basically it?

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    I use them all the time for plinking, and sometimes for varmint duty...quite sufficient for that use!

    They are VERY effective training rounds for smaller stature persons and for firearms familiarization. While extremely light on recoil, I can see how they could be effective for SD/HD inside of 15 yards.

    However, there have been some problems reported in regards to cycling for both pump and gas operated shotguns, but I have experienced no problems in both a Win 1300 and Moss 590. I have shot more than 500 rounds of these minishells through both shotguns. A friend can cycle them through his 870 just long as he holds his shotgun level to the ground and racks the rounds quickly and deliberately. Any less than authoritative cycling of the pump or the shotgun not being level can occasionally led to a misfeed.

    The Win1300 did ALMOST fail to cycle a mini-buck round once (they are slightly shorter than the mini-slug round)...but a quick bit of coaxing prevented the problem so I never missed a beat. I didn't even need to unshoulder the shotgun to correct the problem. I simply manipulated the pump slightly to orient the shell properly.

    I personally will not used them for SD/HD. I use only 2-3/4" reduced recoil 00Buck and slug for that role. The mini-shells sure are fun though!
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