Winchester Ranger Bonded 9mm G19?.

Winchester Ranger Bonded 9mm G19?.

This is a discussion on Winchester Ranger Bonded 9mm G19?. within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I cant decide which one to go with so I'm wondering If anyone might be able to help me decide which one Is best for ...

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Thread: Winchester Ranger Bonded 9mm G19?.

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    Winchester Ranger Bonded 9mm G19?.

    I cant decide which one to go with so I'm wondering If anyone might be able to help me decide which one Is best for my Glock 19 and If possible why Is It better?.

    Should I carry the Winchester Ranger Bonded RA9BA 124 Gr. +P or the Winchester Ranger Bonded RA9B 147 Gr.?.

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    Lots of opinions

    There are many different opinions here on 9mm ammo. As for me, I prefer light and fast so I'd go with the 124. Just as many here will load the 147 and feel totally confident with that load. If they're reliable in your gun, it's probably just a matter of personal preference.
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    I carry Winchester Ranger T 124gr +p in my G19.
    The 147gr Ranger T's have also performed extremely well in 4" barrels.

    I haven't seen any test results specifically for the Bonded Rangers though.
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    Just a thought, check with your local Peace Officers on what they carry/use.

    Why ? If ever have to use in self-defense, then someone asks why you chose that specific round, you can state I checked with local Peace Officers and this is the round they carry.

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    I like the lighter, faster bullets particularly in a barrel under 4". Right now, I carry Speer Gold Dot +p short barrel ammo in my G-19.

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    Personally I don't really care for the bonded version in 9mm, as the bonded bullets tend to expand less than the non-bonded. Sure they penetrate more and are designed for shooting through barriers like glass, but that is not high on my list.

    If I were to go with the bonded, i would choose the lighter 124gr as it would have the higher velocity and greater chance of expansion.

    Otherwise I really like the 127gr +P+ or the regular 147gr T-Series.

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    I alternate Ranger 9mm loads, both in my LC9 and M&P9. I do one RA9BA (Bonded 124gr +P) followed by one RA9124TP (T-series 124gr +P). I feel like that gives a good mix of penetration through barriers if need be (Bonded), and vicious expansion in the BG (T series).

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    I tried the Bonded brand in 124+p but I didnt like the performance. I like good expansion and the bonded has very little. It will penatrate more as the above poster said, but almost no mushrooming and it did perform like its supposed to. I personally carry the 124+p ranger T-Series in my G19. These things are just wicked.

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