1911 Ammo question

1911 Ammo question

This is a discussion on 1911 Ammo question within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Bought a new S&W1911 .45 and didn't know what grain ammo I should buy for this during the break-in period ? I realize some grains ...

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Thread: 1911 Ammo question

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    1911 Ammo question

    Bought a new S&W1911 .45 and didn't know what grain ammo I should buy for this during the break-in period ? I realize some grains are more powerfull than others so I wasn't sure what to get. Thanks for your advice.

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    I used Remington UMC 230 gr. and Winchester White Box also in 230 gr. for reliability check in my Springfield GI.

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    Thanks, I wasn't sure what grain to get.

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    Feed it whatever you want. Be sure to run some of your Defensive Ammo through it as well, for reliability check.
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    I feed any new gun any and everything.... I want to know if there is an issue with any ammo before I get too far with any gun, and so far (knock on wood) I have not had one issue with any Ruger, SIG, or Glock I've ever owned. They have all eaten and spit out every thing that I've ever feed them.
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    For me, just to shoot, 230 grain American Eagle and my EDC ammo is 230 grain Federal Hydroshocks

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    I'm glad that there is already a topic sort of related to a question I have. I got my Springfield MILSPEC yesterday and am wondering about a defensive round.

    At the gun show today, two individuals told me that in .45, FMJs are sufficient for defense. Are there thoughts on this?
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    I used to carry that same model and used Federal HST 230gr. Never a feed problem and very accurate. The tests that I saw show the HST is a very good defensive round. I still carry HST's in my .40 and am confident they will do the job if I ever have to. I'd be concerned about over penetration with a FMJ round in a .45.

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    Magtech makes one of the hottest defensive rounds on the market. The Guardian Gold 185+P JHP pushes 1148 fps and yileds 540# muzzle energy! Break-in should be with everything you can throw at it. You want to break it in and, at the same time, discover your gun's likes & dislikes.
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