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Best incapacitating 9mm Ammo?

This is a discussion on Best incapacitating 9mm Ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Another vote for the DPX. If I carried a 9mm that is what would be in it. I prefer much larger holes in my BGs....

View Poll Results: What Do You Think Is The Best Incapacitating 9mm. Ammo?

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  • 9mm. +p+ Federal Hi-Shok -115gr.

    17 15.45%
  • Speer Gold Dot +P- 124gr.

    37 33.64%
  • Corbon DPX -115gr.

    11 10.00%
  • Remington Golden Saber+P- 124gr.

    5 4.55%
  • Winchester Ranger 127gr. +P+

    30 27.27%
  • Double Tap 124 +P

    10 9.09%
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Thread: Best incapacitating 9mm Ammo?

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    VIP Member Array coffeecup's Avatar
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    Another vote for the DPX. If I carried a 9mm that is what would be in it. I prefer much larger holes in my BGs.

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    Member Array irish_ironsight's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Martinsburg, WV
    Armor piercing, depleted uranium, cyanide tipped anything

    But it dont mean squat if you cant hit the again
    Surrounded and outnumbered, pass me my vest!

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    Senior Member Array bluelineman's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Not on the list. Speer Gold Dot 147 grain.

    My next buy will be Federal HST's.

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    Jul 2006
    DoubleTap 124gr +P, which uses the Speer Gold Dot bullet.

    Can't say, from personal experience on a human body, though I have done a bit of unscientific testing on road kill type animals, a side of beef, a country ham and the ol' wet newspaper bit.

    In such testing, a fair amount of damage is caused by the Speer Gold Dot bullet. In actual use by law enforcement, the Speer Gold Dot bullet has a high reputation. As with many bullet styles, the risk of clogging the HP cavity is there.

    Some suggest the Barnes bullet has a better resistance to this.

    As the DoubleTap seems (to me) to be the highest-quality made cartridge with the Gold Dot bullet, I'd suggest that the DoubleTap 124gr +P would be a top selection. It's got much of the apparent performance through tougher materials that the 147gr does, but it's not deflected nearly as easily as the 115gr. I carry the DT 124gr +P's daily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat-O-Matic View Post
    With the correct shot placement and plenty of practice, practice, and more practice(something I learned the hard way in the Marines) and please don't tell me they would all perform the same on a BG--What ammo incapacitates the Best?

    What ammo has the best street record?

    P.S. I listed the Corbon Dpx ammo's weight wrong--It should be 115 gr.
    Are we taking FS weapons or compact?

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    Senior Member Array jualdeaux's Avatar
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    Waponi Woo
    I have the Corbon DPX loaded at the moment but I also have the HST and Ranger in my closet to use.

    The best, most incapacitating, ammo there is is whatever is totally reliable in what ever gun you are using and hits to your POA. If the gun jams on the first round and you can't hit diddly with it, it won't incapacitate a fly, let alone a person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    CorBon DPX is all I carry because I am fully convinced it is the best in any handgun loading!

    I don't think DPX is available in 140gr 9mm though... just 115gr.

    9 MM LUGER+P 115 GR. DPX 1250 FPS/ 399 FTLBS

    The DPX does not come in 140 gr. as indicated on my thread -it only comes in 115 gr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat-O-Matic View Post
    The DPX does not come in 140 gr. as indicated on my thread -it only comes in 115 gr.
    Fixed that for you.

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    Ranger first then Gold dots.
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    HA! I found those links that discuss stopping power, etc. Good reading. Look at the charts & you might have your answer. It still comes down to shot placement and what YOUR gun likes best.

    Selection of best ammunition for a defensive handgun

    Selecting the Duty Weapon--Is Caliber the Key?
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    I've always liked and carried the Speer GD 124grn +P.
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    Double Tap 124gr. +P work for me.

    Best regards.

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    At the risk of sounding like a heretic, this is sort of like how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. If you hit a BG in the chest with any 9mm round, it will ruin his day. A single FMJ through the heart will stop him faster than a supurb self defense round in the abdomin.

    I buy hollowpoints. I read the ballistics and look at the price. If the round is traveling at more than 1000 fps, and the price is good, I buy. It is possible that another round will have better ballistics? Sure, on paper. But in the field, is there really that much difference? It seems to me that where you hit is more important that what you hit with. And besides, you can always pull the trigger twice.

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    their all as good as the other, pick one that shoots well for you.

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    actually you missed/left the best off your poll.

    it is the Federal 9PB or 9PB +P Hollow Point.

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