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Best incapacitating 9mm Ammo?

This is a discussion on Best incapacitating 9mm Ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I personally like the Golden Sabre 124 +p in my glock 19 for off duty. But for on duty carry, we have to carry the ...

View Poll Results: What Do You Think Is The Best Incapacitating 9mm. Ammo?

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  • 9mm. +p+ Federal Hi-Shok -115gr.

    17 15.45%
  • Speer Gold Dot +P- 124gr.

    37 33.64%
  • Corbon DPX -115gr.

    11 10.00%
  • Remington Golden Saber+P- 124gr.

    5 4.55%
  • Winchester Ranger 127gr. +P+

    30 27.27%
  • Double Tap 124 +P

    10 9.09%
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Thread: Best incapacitating 9mm Ammo?

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    I personally like the Golden Sabre 124 +p in my glock 19 for off duty. But for on duty carry, we have to carry the 124 Speer Gold dot.
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    Thought shooters might like these ballistic tests on 9mm ammo!

    Pistol Cartridges (9x19mm Luger)

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    I would have to say the Hydra shocks i've used them and i know people who have used them to defend themselfs and their clients with great success, for a 9mm that is.
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    Federal's HST ammo is generally seen as the "successor" to Hydra-Shoks, and have proven to perform very well in various tests, including the one Cat-O-Matic cites above. They are labeled as 'law enforcement only', but can be found online pretty easily.

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    VIP Member Array stormbringerr's Avatar
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    gold dot 124+p in my p239 9mm, does just fine.

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    VIP Member Array mcp1810's Avatar
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    I read something years ago that said the best of the nines was Illinois State Police load. It is the Federal 9BPLE 115 JHP +P+. We have had a couple of different people in the White House since then so some of the newer designs might be better, but I would be perfectly comfortable with those. Right now I have Ranger +P in my magazines. It cycles perfectly in my pistols and they shoot nice groups for me. Thats about all I can ask for from a cartridge.
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    124gr+P Hornady TAP. Next to no muzzle flash and dead on accurate.
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    Non of the above.I like 147 Grain bullets in my 9mm.
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    ...from your list...Speer Gold Dots...but whatever works best in a particular universal best choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Delta Force View Post
    Non of the above.I like 147 Grain bullets in my 9mm.

    +1 on the 147 grain -9mm bullet!

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    You omitted 147 gr ammo, so I can't really poll.
    147 gr Ranger SXT (+P when I find them) are my choice.

    Stay safe,

    Chuck Brick.
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