2.5 or 3 inch 410's

2.5 or 3 inch 410's

This is a discussion on 2.5 or 3 inch 410's within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am seriously considering acquiring a Taurus Judge. The original will handle a 2.5 inch 410 shotgun shell but the latest model will take a ...

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Thread: 2.5 or 3 inch 410's

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    2.5 or 3 inch 410's

    I am seriously considering acquiring a Taurus Judge. The original will handle a 2.5 inch 410 shotgun shell but the latest model will take a 3" shell and costs a bit more. What advantage would the 3" have over the 2.5"?
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    taurus judge

    I'VE heard that they have made some 3inher but the ATF put a stop to it for now.they are checking to see if infact that it is legal.They don't like the 3inch for some reason.that what heard not sure if it is a fact or not.I have one 2.5 and just love it would like cet it in a 3inch.

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    I was told is that they both have the same powder charge, but the longer round has more brass. You get more shot with less velocity with the longer round. 2nd hand info from some dude at a gunshop.
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    Well, well, well. The ATF up to sniffing around once again.

    I cannot WAIT to hear what passes for its "rationale" on this one.

    What "violation" of which "regulations" (or, more likely, since it probably doesn't violate any valid, CURRENT regs), which "interpretations" of which regs a 3-inch chamber violates that a 2 1/2-inch chamber doesn't violate.

    Methinks I should hang on REAL tight to my 2 1/2-incher, 'cause useful (and novel) though the gun is, despite its faults (there are better weapons for each purpose to which it can be placed), the Feds might just wanna come and get it.

    Remember the "Street Sweeper"?

    I was going to try and get one of those 3-inchers, with a 2 1/2-inch barrel, stainless finish.

    Now Big Brother has decided that extra half inch in the chambers on the cylinder is a threat to Western Civilization somehow.

    Rant off.
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    Get the 3" for a slightly denser pattern

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    If your shooting buckshot, the extra length will allow for a few more pellets (as Cupcake said). I shoot 3-inch 000 Buck in my Thunder Five and get 5 .36 cal balls per trigger pull. the 2.5-inch has only 3 of them. I think its the same for the 00 Buck, not sure.


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