Buffalo Bore 38 Ammo

Buffalo Bore 38 Ammo

This is a discussion on Buffalo Bore 38 Ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering if any of you guys use this ammo, specifically the 158 gr variety? Buffalo Bore 38+P Ammo I find this very interesting ...

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Thread: Buffalo Bore 38 Ammo

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    Buffalo Bore 38 Ammo

    I was wondering if any of you guys use this ammo, specifically the 158 gr variety?

    Buffalo Bore 38+P Ammo

    I find this very interesting if these numbers are accurate this 38 ammo is reaching mild 357 ballistics.....anyone have any reports on how this stuff shoots especially in a 38+p j-frame?

    Just gathering some more info.

    Thanks Guys

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    Some folks handle recoil better than others. Buy a box and try them out, you can always reload the empties to suit yourself. My guess is that they would make for a handfull in a J frame.

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    I've run thru a box of Buffalo Bore .38 +P thru my S&W 642.

    Recoil is stout, sharper than any other load I've tried.

    Not for the faint-hearted. But it is now my EDC load for that gun.

    YMMV one hell of a lot,

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    As a very junior cop I read the after-action reports of actual shots-fired incidents.
    As I recall, the .38 Spl. SWC HP all lead was the only one at that time that reliably expanded out of a two inch barrel, which impressed me greatly. I'd been shooting hard cast since age 14 and knew what it could do to a groundhog and other misc. backstops.
    I carried the Winchester and Remington versions of that particular load.
    Finally got a box of Buffalo Bore and was quite surprised at how hollow the nose wasn't.
    I choose to believe my surprise is based on a lack of knowledge and experience for this particular projectile.
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    Thanks for the informative posts on BB and the neato links!

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    I'm probably going to be ordering some BB .38 +P next week. I'm picking up my new Rossi snub tomorrow and it'll need put through the ringer. It's going to be interesting to see how hot these feel.

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    I'd suggest using standard velocity loads in the Rossi. BB's run in that gun for too long will likely cause failure of some kind eventually.

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    I've compared Buffalo Bore's .38 Special 158gr+P LSWCHP to the .38 Special 158gr+P LSWCHP Remington load I otherwise favor in snubbies, and noted that the lead bullet nose is a bit flatter and the hollow point a bit shallower and narrower at the mouth, but more cylindrical in cavity shape in the BB version, while the Remington has a wider opening but a more conical hollow point shape.
    The felt recoil is "snappier" and a bit more brisk in the BB version, but by no means unmanageable.
    As to accuracy and precision, the BB is just a tiny bit less in these measures than the Remington version, though still quite good, especially at 7 yards.
    These comments refer to shooting in my (pre-lock) S&W 649, which I carry with the Remington load, using the BB load for backup in a Safariland Comp I speedloader.
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