Buying new guns based on ammo

Buying new guns based on ammo

This is a discussion on Buying new guns based on ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When you buy a new gun do you buy based on ammo you already have for currently owned guns so you don't have to stockpile ...

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Thread: Buying new guns based on ammo

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    Buying new guns based on ammo

    When you buy a new gun do you buy based on ammo you already have for currently owned guns so you don't have to stockpile new ammo, and you can use what you already own? Or does it not matter to you?

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    It is a consideration for me. I try to keep my number of calibers to a few basics. .22, 9mm, 12g, .223 and .308. I do have a .410 but that almost doesn't count, since I don't stockpile more than a box or 2 of it.
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    I limit my calibers. Any new guns (except C&R guns) will be .308, 9mm, 12ga, .357mag, .30carbine, .22LR

    These are the calibers I stock. My C&R guns are for collecting, I don't shoot them much.
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    I just sold my .40 to get a second 1911. One platform, one caliber, interchangeable parts and magazines and holsters...... No fumbling around when things go bump in the night, just grab it and get it done!

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    yea, for the most part especially since i reload, less stuff to buy. not that a set of dies cost much, more just the hassle of buying more bullets, finding brass, keeping things organized, etc etc
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    Not really since I have most calibers.
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    For carry guns, yes it matters to me.

    I currently have something in .223, .380, .357mag, .30-30, .30 carbine, 9mm, .44mag, 8mm Mauser, 12ga, 20ga. Pistols are .380 and 9mm only and will remain that way, unless/until I find something more reliable and suitable than my carry guns.
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    Yes somewhat as I am now at 6 different calibers: 9mm, .22LR, 7.62X39, 30.06, .223, & 12GA. and am looking to purchase a .45 caliber handgun. I think I'll soon be pretty saturated at then 7 different calibers to have on hand which is probably getting to be a bit much. I guess I just like variety and anyway, they're just so darn fun to shoot. Oh yeah, and then there are the C&R gun(s) - I think I need a new safe just for ammo.
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    It doesn't matter to me. I sometimes purchase a new gun because it's in an odd, interesting chambering and looks entertaining to handload. I do enjoy obtaining guns for new cartridges and always have several on my mental list to try out. I still carry the same ol' guns as always, no matter how many other different and interesting firearms and cartridges I acquire.

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    Yes and no. I'm not adverse to buying a gun in a caliber I don't already own, however, I do have to weigh my options. For example, I want a levergun. I was looking at a Marlin in their new 308 LeverEvolution caliber, but then I decided I wanted my levergun in .357 magnum for ammo interchangeability with my 686. I also want to pick up an XD in 9mm to supplement my XD40, and to give me a less expensive option for range days and training classes.

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    As of this moment, I have: .22LR, .308, .380ACP, .38/.357, .40, .410, .45, and 12ga. I really don't need another caliber, however I have been looking at a couple of 9mm's to add to the collection as well as a .223 just for giggles.
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    That is a deciding factor for me. I have standardized on two pistol and two rifle calibers (okay 3 if you count .22) 9mm/45.acp and .223/.308.

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    If you have a limited budget thats a way to go about it. However I have a limited budget, my next gun will be a glock 19 becasue the cost of 45 prevents me from shooting much as I would like.

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    Depends on what I'm buying it for... collection, no I dont care. Working gun... yup, it matters.
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    Yep. I stocked up on .38spec, 9mm and .45ACP some years ago when ammo was relatively cheap, especially sale and gun show stuff. Rifle rounds are mostly surplus, and I have a bunch of that too.

    I'm a big fan of anything that shoots .38 /.357 or both. Just makes incredible sense to me. My preferred carry too.

    My house/truck gun is a 9mm Hi-cap.

    I do need a DA/SA or DA only .45 though. I've sold off the last of my cocked-and-locked platform semi's.

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