found some ammo in bass pro shop yesterday, labeled as "personal protection" ammo by winchester. bought a box of 50 for 15.99$, figured it has to be worth that,,listed velocity is 1190 fps, 115 gr. h.p. after getting home i looked at them a little closer,,,apparently it is a 115 silvertip, with the lubalox coating, as you can easily see the distinctive "silver" in the nose cavity.. had a box of silvertips and did a side-by-side comparision,,it looks like a silvertip all right. anybody that shoots silvertips,,go get some at that price. they also had some sxz9 115 flat-points they listed as companion "training" rounds for 10.99 per box,,,i guess the idea is to train withe the cheaper flat-points [listed as same velocity], put h.p.'s in for "personal protection". at any rate,,it's a good price anymore for a box of 50 h.p.'s. got a box of each to run through my new pps,,have already shot 1 box of silvertips through it,,fed flawlessly.