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Thread: wolf ammo for xd9

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    wolf ammo for xd9

    Help! I just bought an xd9 4'' model and want to buy target practice ammo. Is wolf any good as it is cheap. please let me know of any experiences.

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    I have fired Wolf 9mm and 45acp and haven't had any issues with it. You should be alright with it as long as it is for practice only.
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    The problem with cheap ammo is you can afford to buy more resulting in more range sessions resulting in more wear and tear on your fiream,As long as it isn't somebody selling reloads they found in uncle bennys stuff they was going thru after he passed, that may or may not blow your gun up,shoot all the cheap factory you can afford,but for SD buy quality

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigEFan View Post
    I have fired Wolf 9mm and 45acp and haven't had any issues with it. You should be alright with it as long as it is for practice only.
    My Sigs, Glocks, XDs eat it just fine, my AR and AKs are fine with it too.

    I shoot a lot of Wolf, Its nasty and smells bad but cheap and pleantiful
    ,like the others have said dont use it for defensive ammo and you will be OK.
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    I've never used Wolff ammo myself, so it may not be fair for me to make a judgment, but I've seen it cause several different AR-15s on a hot summer day to jam during rapid fire sessions. This was a couple of years ago and I know they say they have a new polymer coating, so this problem may no longer exist.

    For your handgun though, consider that if you buy in 1000 round lots from AmmoMan, you can buy Federal or Speer rounds for only 30 dollars per 1000 more than Wolff. If you don't reload, I bet you wouldn't have much trouble selling your once fired brass for $40-$50 per 1000 considering that new 9mm brass sells for at least $100/1000. Just a thought.

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    First, I have never used Wolf ammo. However, one of the ranges by me will not allow it to be used. I asked why and they told me Wolf is notorious for the cases failing. They then detailed a story of a person sneaking some on their range and it failed and blew up a Glock. Second, they claim that the polymer coatings come off with heat and foul the guns. I don't know if this is true but these guys seem more knowledgable than a lot of other gun shop guys. You can buy Blazer from Natchez Shooters Supplies for just a fraction more that Wolf.

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    Check the manual..I know I have read some manuals that says that the warranty is no longer valid when using Wolf ammo..

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    i'm no expert by any means, but from what i've heard the steel casings that wolf uses wear out the extractor a lot faster than brass or nickel, as well as other wear issues on gun components.

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    Went to the range 2 weeks ago with a friend bought Wolf 9mm ammo It flashed and smoked to much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by del slo team View Post
    Help! I just bought an xd9 4'' model and want to buy target practice ammo. Is wolf any good as it is cheap. please let me know of any experiences.
    The Wolf ammo that we have used in training has been very satisfactory. Maybe burns a little dirty, so clean your gun later Accuracy from 0 to 25 yards is plenty good for training use and dependability is just fine too.

    Maybe buy better quality ammunition for defensive use, go shoot some in the dark and check for excessive flash in your gun. Shoot enough of the good stuff so that you're sure YOUR gun is reliable with it.

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    I had been using WWB for target ammo, but I am still waiting for my reloading equip to come in.

    +1 for shooting something a little better, picking up your brass, and saving it to use one day or sell.

    I think it would more than make up for the few dollar difference.

    Happy shooting, and enjoy your new XD!
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    I haven't used Wolf, but I have used Brown Bear in my XD9. It's also a steel cased ammo. I was actually using Brown Bear when qualifying for my CCW and I got a case stuck in there real good.

    The instructor came over, hooked the rear sights on the edge of the picnic table and pressed down, wrenching the slide open and the case out. The result was some scratches on the top of my slide, reminding me that saving a few pennies on cheap ammo isn't worth breaking your gun or worse.

    If you want to shoot cheap, use CCI aluminum case stuff. Nice and soft.

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    i would stick to blaser or wwb if i were you. the u.s.a. makes the best ammo.if you just have to use it try not to put it in any high end pistols like sig.
    i often use blaser aluminum case ammo,its fine.

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    The Wolf handgun ammo we have seen on our range lately is surprisingly clean. Especially the .45ACP. The old Ammonia smell is gone and the flash is not unusually bad. I have never personally seen any gun failure or extractor-ejector wear due to the steel cases. I have seen M1 carbines that hated the .30 load from wolf and would jam or barely cycle, (one of them mine) and I have seen an AR 15 with a fouled chamber that would not cycle brass cased stuff after it was fired with Wolf. I think somebody figured out the how and why of that problem, though. We do not care, but I have heard of ranges that do not allow it because they recycle their brass to commercial reloaders and steel Berdan primed cases mess things up. Others have reported lots of wild stories to justify this pracitce by the range owners.

    It's cheap practice ammo, expect that level of performance from it.

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    I have a XD-9 and I put 200 rounds of wolf thru it. I found it to be harder on the gun. Louder and more dirt in the gun when done. I still have 300 rounds to go thru. I will not be using wolf after it is gone.
    I usally use WWB and it is better I feel. Enjoy your XD-9 it is a great gun.

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