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This is a discussion on Winchester Whitebox. within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Haven't tried the WWB hollowpoints, but I have made it a practice to visually check every round that goes in my carry guns for defects. ...

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Thread: Winchester Whitebox.

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    Haven't tried the WWB hollowpoints, but I have made it a practice to visually check every round that goes in my carry guns for defects. I use Golden Sabers in .45 & 9mm, and have never had any issues with them, but I would rather not find out there is an issue when I can least afford it. (I think I read a thread here on Combatcarry about that a while ago.)

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    When I took the 4 defensive handgun courses over the past 16 months here in MA, most of the students were using Wally World WWB (mostly 1911s). We probably each fired ~2500 rds over these 4 courses and I don't recall anyone having problems with the ammo.

    Personally I've probably fired 1-2K of .40S&W and ~3K of .45ACP WWB without problems.

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    Blue Lion,

    I've been through 150 WWB 9mm JHP with no troubles...burns cleaner than some UMC I've shot. Your post is a good reminder for us all to remember to inspect ammo before loading for range or carry...

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    I've shot a lot of WWB before getting the .45 reloading dies - never the hollow points. My buddy used to carry WWB hollow points until we tested them on a deer carcass (roadkill). The expansion was very poor.

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    I heard there are two different types of WWB......WinClean and just plain ole regular WWB.

    Which ones were you using?
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    I've shot almost 500 hundred rounds of Winchester White Box (all purchased in bulk as 100-round boxes of 115 gr. ball "target" ammo) recently through three different guns -- a BHP, a Glock 19, and a Hi Point 9mm carbine. I had exactly one malfunction when a round got stuck in the magazine for the Hi Point. That was a failure of the magazine, not the ammo. I can't speak for anyone else, but my own experiences with WWB have been good.

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    I think that because Wal*Mart sells so much of this stuff and really hammers on their suppliers, Winchester has cut corners to maintain some small margin on the stuff.

    I used to use it exclusively for IDPA and plinking, but the current stuff is dirtier and not as uniform as it was a few years ago.
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    WWB FMJ's have been good to go, WWB JHP's have been very dirty compared to Federals. Also had alot of fliers with the last 150 rounds of WWB JHP's. All went bang and all hit the target, just some (sometimes as many as 3-4 per mag) were bad fliers. Oh yeah these were .45's( like you didn't know that already right)

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