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What kind of ammo do the BGs use?

This is a discussion on What kind of ammo do the BGs use? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm curious as to how many wear or even use holsters. If they do what style? I'm of the opinion that if I see someone ...

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Thread: What kind of ammo do the BGs use?

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    I'm curious as to how many wear or even use holsters. If they do what style?

    I'm of the opinion that if I see someone carrying a gun in a holster they are legit. If no holster and then the guy is up to no good. I'm guessing most are carrying their guns in the pocket of their hoodies.

    LE info and experience would be welcome input.

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    They buy them like loosies!

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    I have discovered their guns to be loaded with the same varieties of ammunition everyone else uses.
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    "If this is true, how come they hit so many people they're not really shooting at?"

    Because gun fights aren't like the square range, and even if they were, they're usually on the moral low road enough to sacrifice accuracy for speed.

    I'd wager most criminals carry without holsters. However, I know that to not always be the case. Also, search the threads where folks here have admitted to carrying without holsters. I'm assuming they aren'tr criminals, even if they are perhaps misguided.
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    The pictures I have seen of seized guns up here show many loaded with an assortment of ammo, what ever they can get.

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    The same ammo the rightful owner had that pistol loaded with.
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    here is a summary of the study cited above:
    New findings from FBI about cop attackers and their weapons

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    The absolute take-away line from the study referenced by PaulJ, above:
    Researcher Davis, in a presentation and discussion for the International Assn. of Chiefs of Police, noted that none of the attackers interviewed was “hindered by any law--federal, state or local--that has ever been established to prevent gun ownership. They just laughed at gun laws.”
    Now that should go on a bumper sticker.
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    Lucky for us... VERY... VERY... few BG types have had the benefit of "modern technique" training.

    Even those who have had US military training... is somewhat less than what one can get from say... John Farnam or Gabe Suarez. The former tends to run cold ranges and uses only FMJ (so many do not get any real useful insight into why certain JHP rounds are much better against a human target).

    What they could get from military is "team" tactics and if sent to the sandbox... real-world experience in "organized" violence.

    The latter can help them in certain bad neighborhoods. The former is really only valuable when going up against cops that are also organized.

    It would take an incredible "leader" in a group of "BG" to convert military "small team tactics" to be useful to "mug" or "rape" some victim... see what I mean?

    Bottom line... they use whatever gun with whatever bullets available. What they do bring that is more to "fear" is the intent to commit harm. A BG with a $20.00 folder IS MUCH more dangerous than one with a tricked out 45 - and also has no real intent to pull the trigger.

    Remember the AOI triad, which is a triangle on which each point represents a factor that must be present for a BG to commit a violent crime - or pretty much any other crime for that matter (This is similar in concept to the FIRE triad... whose 3 factors are fuel, oxygen, and heat).

    For violent crime (as it relates to us here) it is:


    Just my opinion.
    “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm” - George Orwell

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    Quote Originally Posted by havegunjoe View Post
    The gang-bangers according to a recent FBI study train more often than most police. There were no specifics about ammo.
    I read the same FBI study and it's frightening. More Gang Bangers are getting ex-military members who do a lot of firearm instruction to them along with this. We need to pay more attention to who is moving into our neighborhoods.
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    My local gun store asks to see permit before ammo sales.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojust View Post
    My local gun store asks to see permit before ammo sales.
    Here there are no permits anybody 21 or older can buy pistol ammo 18 and up rifle or shotgun ammo,but in most stores bg might buy ammo at like walmart they would either buy cheap FMJ or cheap hollowpoints,they wouldn't normally go online and buy high dollar golden sabre or HST or any other premium JHP
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    Quote Originally Posted by mojust View Post
    My local gun store asks to see permit before ammo sales.
    Man, that'd **** me off. I've never been asked for ID for ammo in my life. Certainly don't plan to buy ammo that gets me carded, either.

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    I've been a fan of the docu-drama The First 48 for years on A&E. I notice that the majority of the bad guys on the show use round nose ball but aren't nearly as limited to certain calibers as many believe. Revolvers don't get a lot of use but they still are used. I've seen 50AEs and 44Mags used on the show but not nearly as much as 9mm, 40, and 45 to a lesser degree.

    One young guy in Memphis last year made a 50 ft head shot with a G21 in a street gunfight against an enraged drug dealer that used his car as cover. When the deceased raised his head to initiate a second string of fire on the shooter, he was struck right between the eyes with a single shot. PD said the shooter should be teaching in the academy LOL. They ruled it justifiable homicide.

    He said he brought some "protection" after the drug dealer began harassing the fellow about a month earlier for being seen in the neighborhood the dealer "runs" without being on the payroll.
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