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Why did you choose the caliber that you use?

This is a discussion on Why did you choose the caliber that you use? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I chose a caliber that I felt was strong enough to get the job done but small enough that my wife could shoot well. All ...

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Thread: Why did you choose the caliber that you use?

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    I chose a caliber that I felt was strong enough to get the job done but small enough that my wife could shoot well. All of the pistols we have right now are 9mm. However now that I am comfortable that she can shoot these competently and we have home covered, I'm starting to get the GAS again. (gun acquisition syndrome) I have this pit in my stomach that can only be filled with a 1911, or maybe a 357 snub, or a 380, AHHHHHHHHH pop

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    I was carrying .40 when I tried a friend's 1911. That hooked me and while just "cruisin'" in my favorite gun shop (Four Seasons Firearms), I spotted one used for a great price.

    I can shoot the 1911 more accurately and consistently than any other gun I own. It became my primary carry gun (if clothing/occasion allows for it).

    If the planets align correctly, I should have an M&P .45 by late next week. Shot the one out at S&W's range and really liked it. We'll see if it becomes primary after working it out for a while.

    I'm a believer that the biggest gun you can carry and shoot accurately is the best choice. So that's how I make the decision.

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    I started off with a 380 because of the price and size of the gun. I wanted a 40 and finially got one last December. I went with the 40 because I wanted something bigger then a 9 but didn't want a carry gun as large in frame as a 45. The one I bought is a M&P 40C and it shoots great. No regrets!

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    i've shot a 9mm, and heard enough accounts of it to consider it weak sauce. i shot a .40, and a .45, and aside from the fact that the 230 gr .45 round felt like i could have thrown it and killed someone with it, the .45 just felt better shooting it.

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    At 18 years of age my first handgun was a Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 Special. A rural, outdoor, and hunting lifestyle soon educated me that Texas varmints and critters promptly expired when fairly struck with a standard velocity 158 grain semi-wadcutter bullet. I've employed the .38 Special on mice to deer and everything in between and it's worked much better than its reputation of the past 25 years or so would suggest. Whether it's a 'coon raiding the dog's food on the back porch or a deer passing the stand at close range I've had good results with the .38 Special. A +P wadcutter load, whether factory or handloaded is a little "gravy" as far as performance but I've administered finishing shots to deer with standard velocity wadcutters that penetrated deeply and effectively "settled their hash." I can't recall anything that I turned my .38 Special on that ran off.

    I really like some other handgun cartridges, the .44 Special and the .45 ACP being among my favorites. Almost wish I'd settled on something more "glamorous" than the ol' .38 Special but I have a lot of affection for it. It has a lot of performance choices available in factory loadings, is the handloader's friend, is capable of outstanding accuracy on paper, offers little recoil in medium frame revolvers, manageable recoil in the tiny, lightweight snubs that are now popular, and gives effective performance. Thirty three years and many handguns later, I'm still primarily carrying that same Model 10 I obtained at 18 and am still waiting on it to wear out.

    Oh yeah, and I'm a weird duck because I consider the .38 Special to be marginally better than the 9mm.

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    .357 because I thought .44 was overkill...no pun intended.

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    Hopewell, Va
    Life's a compromise, so I picked up a .357 magnum, three incher. Cost of rounds, .38 specials, and the stopping power of HP .357's.
    Oh, and a revolver so I can rely on it.

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    First pistol I bought was a Rossi snub nose .357, mostly because cash was an issue (although its a darn fine reliable revolver). Carried it for a while, didn't have any second thoughts about it being able to get the job done. And I could buy cheaper .38's for practice.

    However I have always loved 1911's. The pistol served this country well for most of the 20th century, so its definately good enough for me. So once I got the cash together I bought one, which is what I now carry, in .45 of course. I can shoot it accurately, and it carries well with the right rig.

    I've always been of the mindset of carry as much gun as you can comfortably. Besides, as Boris the Blade says "Weight is a sign of reliability, and if it doesn't work, you can always hit them with it."
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    My problem is that, depending on wardrobe necessities, I have more than one EDC. My primary, though, would be Glock Model 30 in .45ACP, and I can truly say that the caliber dictated the choice of the Model 30, not the other way around.

    I am accustomed to carrying .45ACP from my military days, and I trust it. I trust other caliber/cartridge combinations too, but .45ACP seems always to be the harbor to which I return.

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    9mm 147gr hst easy to control,not much recoil,cost of ammo,high accuracy,an excellent defensive round.

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    .45ACP is my choice.

    Used it in the Army, it is a tried and true caliber, easy to shoot, less chances of over-penetration and because its an All American tradition!
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    I have to pocket carry. I wear a "Docker " type shorts for work and the PM9 printed to much...and the Kel tec.....my buddy has nothing but problems. So 642 revolver...always goes bang and in 3 months no customer, or fellow employee or John butt head on the street has noticed. I am sold...and after 1300 dry fires and 5oo rounds< i feel like I Can hit what I am aiming at....love this gun for its intended purpose. Up close and way personal
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    9mm: Can shoot a lot, relatively cheap.

    I'd prefer .45ACP. I can afford 9mm.


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    .45ACP because that is what the 1911 was designed for. Fill the 1911 with HST +P rounds and I feel that I have the most going for me in a concealable firearm.

    I'm not going to carry a lesser round because cheaper ammo lets me practice more.

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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    First EDC was .45, primarly for the history of the caliber. Later got a 9mm....liked it but the 9mm wasn't what I felt comfortable with. I carry a .40 now, compromise between capacity and size. I'm now getting ready to go back to the .45, it's still the best caliber for me. the .40 is good and I like it. the 9mm is OK and will do the job, but for me I'm going back to the .45 ...... the .40 and 9mm will still have thier place with me.

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