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Why did you choose the caliber that you use?

This is a discussion on Why did you choose the caliber that you use? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by stormbringerr i like to carry my 1911 in the winter sometimes but mostly i stick w/my 9mm because thats what im the ...

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Thread: Why did you choose the caliber that you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormbringerr View Post
    i like to carry my 1911 in the winter sometimes but mostly i stick w/my 9mm because thats what im the most adept and skilled with.
    for the .45 lovers.
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    Mostly 9mm.

    Mostly 9mm for me. I initially chose 40 for SD. Why I changed to 9mm: cheaper to shoot, my wife does not like the recoil of a 40 but can handle a 9mm, can carry/store more 9mm than 40, low recoil, availability, my perception of the marginal difference between 9/40/45 for SD using hollowpoints, low recoil and the capacity of 9mm in a handgun magazine.

    If I lived in NY or Cali, I would choose the 45 or 10mm or some other larger bore caliber. If I cannot have capacity, then I will go for largest diameter round I can get.

    I have only 1 40 cal handgun left and I will be trading that in soon for a 9mm or a 10mm.

    I never was a 45acp kind of guy.

    I just purchased a 10mm (Glock 20) for SD when hunting. If that floats my boat, I may carry it or a 10mm subcompact (Glock 29) during winter weather. I do like everything I read about the ballistic performance of the 10mm. It is hard to argue against 357 magnum performance or 41 magnum performance with a 15 round magazine.

    I am happy with my choices. The only time I question them is when I compare size of 9mm Hollowpoint right next to the size of a 10mm Hollowpoint.

    I, or anyone else for that matter, cannot buy guns/bullets/etc. our way to performance. It is easier to throw $$ at a perceived problem, when in fact we should be throwing time and energy perfectly practicing perfect technique to be effective. It's the software and not the hardware.

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    Well, I'm still on my first handgun, but here was my reasoning for purchasing a 9mm:

    Local LEO's recommended nothing smaller than a 9mm (they carry .40 cal) for SD. I considered the price of ammo: figured 9mm ammo was cheaper, so I'd be shooting more. Considered .45 cal based on older "stopping power" arguments, but then realized a JHP could have quite a punch even from a 9mm. And then there was the fact that I wanted my wife to be able to shoot it if necessary.

    Once I got it, I realized that the level of recoil was quite manageable even for me as a new shooter.

    All in all, I'm happy so far.

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    Interesting thoughts on this. I have several calibers and am starting to open carry. So small doesnt necessarily play a factor as much. But I have a MP9c , I like the feel of that, I am pretty good with it. I really like my Sig 229's, I have 4 of them. 3 .40's and 1 .357. I like the way it feels and the way it points, and I am pretty good with it as well. I also just picked up a HK 40 compact with a LEM trigger. I havent shot it yet, but I like the ergos of it. I really like my 220 , but I am not as accurate as I am with the .40's. I have a HK 45 new mod coming soon, so I am going to try that out as well. I have a couple of 226's , one in 9 mm and another .40. The 9mm is a laser beam and a half. I can almost just imagine what I am shooting and it could go around a corner and hit the bull's eye it seems. I also have a 225 in 9mm and that seems to be pretty nice too. But low capacity ( 8 rnds ). My .357 mag , 1955 model 27 is cool , and a 3" barrel, but its so huge I just have it for collector / history I guess. I just sold a Glock 29, it was on a whim and I liked it as well. But it just so expensive to shoot.

    So I guess what caliber do I like. Well I guess that depends on if its monday , its sunny , 70 degrees and I woke up on the left side of the bed. I try to practice with everything I can when I can, so I am pretty good at shooting all of them. Enough to trust them all. I am just bad with trying to decide on one thing , so I figure I have to buy alot to "test" them

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    Glock 19 because that is what my job qualifies us with. If I am carrying on my Pistol permit, I would go with the glock 23.
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    I chose the .40 S&W because my Brother, who works for the TSA, said that the FAMs use an HK .40, and since I can't afford the HK I can afford the S&W Sigma at .40.

    I figure if the FAMs use .40 I can safely rely on it.
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    Why I chose what I use...

    .44 Remington Magnum, primarily Hornady 225gr. FTX. Why? Because if I DO have to drop the hammer, whoever is on the receiving end, will die quickly. Period.

    'Nuff said?

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    Quote Originally Posted by edr9x23super View Post
    I choose .45 caliber weapons because:

    In the past 100 years, no other handgun caliber has won more gunfights, in war or on the streets. In fact, one of the original requirements of the .45ACP was that it had to be able to bring down a charging horse at a distance of 25 yards.

    Nuff said about that......
    I never know when I might get attacked by a horse so i wanta be able to stop one if it happens
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    9mm: cheaper practice ammo, cheaper self defense ammo, ammo availability, and less recoil.

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    Hmmm. Well, My first gun was a .44 special. I bought it because I wanted something for home defense, and it's what I could afford. I still carry it on occasion, either open or concealed. My next gun, which I learned to shoot with, was a .45. My instructor insisted it was too much gun for me, so I later bought a .40. When ammo started getting spendy, I bought a 9mm for cheaper practice, and it's become my "always" gun, though I usually carry the .40, as well.

    I am comfortable, accurate and confident with any of the above. I place more importance on performance of a given cartridge, rather than just size. That said, I wouldn't feel comfortable with less than a 9mm.
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    I choose the 45 because.............It's a 45
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I choose my 40 cal because it has a good combination of power and round capacity. And for my 45 because of the same reasons and the recoil on it is to my liking. Im accurate with both
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    Though my first handgun was a .45, I got a compact 9mm for more comfortable carry and it also is less expensive to practice with. As far as the .45 VS 9mm thing, I think it's mostly a none issue because it's all about where the rounds hit, along with penetration to reach vital organs.
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    I'm carrying a 9mm. Because shot placement trumps caliber every time, and I can place shots more accurately and quickly with 9mm than I can with anything else.
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