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.380 SD Ammo - FMJ or Hollow Point?

This is a discussion on .380 SD Ammo - FMJ or Hollow Point? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry Speer GD's in my P-3AT. Keltec .380 3AT : Speer .380 90 gr. Gold Dot Pen 10.50” Exp .476...

View Poll Results: Do you prefer FMJ or Hollow Point in .380 SD ammo?

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Thread: .380 SD Ammo - FMJ or Hollow Point?

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    I carry Speer GD's in my P-3AT.

    Keltec .380 3AT:
    Speer .380 90 gr. Gold Dot
    Pen 10.50” Exp .476
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    Another Vote for Golden Saber 102gr JHP, Heavier bullet, reliable expansion, great penetration. It flat out works.
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    1. Accuracy
    2. Penetration
    3. Penetration

    Federal American Eagle FMJ most of the time in 380, mixed or Gold Dots in summer. May switch to Golden Sabers for summer ... ??

    Saw a report a year or two ago where 380 FMJs get in a few inches further than JHP (which is what I use in all other larger handguns)
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    I voted for HP's, even tho I have my tangfolio loaded with FMJ's. Havn't been able to afford/test any lately, so i figured I'd stay with what I know works.

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    I know most have probably seen this, and I posted it in another thread on here, but figured it was relevant.

    We're planning on using Golden Saber for our first 4 rounds and FMJ as the last two. The idea being that you hopefully get max stopping power with your first shots, and max penetration with your last (best of both worlds I suppose?). We only have 6 rounds in our Ruger LCP mags.

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    First 2 rounds are HP, remainder are FMJ. Federal HydraShok in the Sig, Remington Golden Saber in the PPK/s.

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    hp: corbon dpx had very impressive test results through both water jugs and ballistic gelatin, including denim tests. once i pick up the lcp i'll be loading dpx.

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    I’m currently carrying the 380 Winchester Ranger T in both the Kel-Tec P3AT and Walther PPKs.

    Before the Ranger T’s I carried Hydra Shok.

    Selecting the Duty Weapon--Is Caliber the Key?

    in this review of shootings Officer Evan Marshall did not review the new Ranger T but he does show the Hydra Shok out performed FMJ rounds, considerably.

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