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Penetration Concerns

This is a discussion on Penetration Concerns within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thinking about what could be behind my potential target does enter the scenarios that 'play' in my head. If I really had to defend the ...

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Thread: Penetration Concerns

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    Thinking about what could be behind my potential target does enter the scenarios that 'play' in my head.
    If I really had to defend the family in a home invasion or from a B&E...I also hope the neighbors will understand the reasons for some holes in their houses...
    I'll do my best to remember what's behind the target...hopefully, the .45 will first travel through a chest before penetration into the neighbor's sidewall...

    Impossible to plan for everything...
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    Where a round will impact in the event you miss your target or the round passes through the target should be a consideration, but not the primary one. The primary consideration is neutralizing the threat.

    Unfortunately there is no free lunch. Any round capable of rapidly incapacitating a threat will easily pass through common building materials.

    Select a quality defensive round. Strictly adhere to Rule #4 (Know your target, backstop and beyond). Fire only when you reasonably believe you can hit your target. That is how you protect yourself/your family and minimize any downrange hazard.

    "Magic bullets" and birdshot just do not cut it.

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    Question Flechettes?

    Anyone know if there has been any development in the SCMITR style flechettes, since the ‘70s?

    On the other hand, for that matter, if they would be legal for civilians, were one to hand-load something of the sort?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach and Holly View Post
    ...The folks at my local gunshop say the best choice is the blue glaser safety rounds. But I've read that these easily penetrate drywall. I don't 'know what to believe now. ...
    You can believe The Box 'O Truth. They test Glasers:

    The Box O' Truth - Ammo Penetration testing
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    For the shot gun, I would go with a #4 Magnum Turkey Load. At the distance you would be shooting, it would get the job done without going through too many wall.

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    I will be moving into a top floor apartment in the next couple months, so this has been a bit of a consideration for myself as well. To attack the problem from a slightly different angle, what about taking a crouched position when you may be in this situation? One could assume it will have less chance of entering an adjoining room and injuring someone, and you may present a smaller target as well.

    Of course this depends on your specific situation in that case as well. My plan if my apartment is broken into is to remain in my bedroom with the phone and let whoever is breaking in come to me. If you have children, staying where you are may not be possible.

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    Its been covered a few times. There is lots of research and stuff about this. The short version is anything under 1 Buck is not a good choice if you want to stop a threat efficiently. Try not to miss...


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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    If whatever you shoot the BG with doesn't stop him before he returns fire and kills you really doesn't matter at that point,I practice with my weapons and have been shooting long enough to know that i can hit my target and that is what you need to practice getting sights on target quickly and squeeze trigger.


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    You also live in a place where winter time clothing may cause under penetration, especially with birdshi... shot

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    This is one of those things that I have thought about too. I do not generally have a shotgun as a defense weapon but rather a 9mm. I live in a townhouse with thin enough walls between the two units. The only thing I have really come up with is that I know where my neighbors sleep and where our bedroom is. If someone came in the middle of the night, It would be unlikely that I would have to fire in the direction of my neighbors bedroom considering where our bedroom and doorway/hallway/stairwell are. If it is possible, I would set up the furniture in such a way that the most likely possibitly for an entry of a BG would be in a 'safe' direction of fire.
    For a shotgun, it is definately something that you need to feel comfortable with. I know guys on here say it isn't worth it or good enough if you can't stop someone but if you really care about who is around you, then I think it is. I dont think I could live with myself if I shot through a wall and killed an innocent. Birdshot would probably be enough to stun someone. You might try altenating birdshot with buckshot. Just a thought but if you stunned them enough to hit the with a solid hit of buckshot then you might not have to worry about over penetration. Someone mentioned trying out some driwall and seeing how your rounds penetrate it. This is a great idea. Try it out. Find a happy medium. Enough damage without severe over penetration.
    Good luck.
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