Wet pack testing

Wet pack testing

This is a discussion on Wet pack testing within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Has anyone used wetpack for testing bullet performance. And how does it compare to gelatin. i consider wetpack to be the poor mans ballistic gelatin.Ive ...

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Thread: Wet pack testing

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    Wet pack testing

    Has anyone used wetpack for testing bullet performance. And how does it compare to gelatin. i consider wetpack to be the poor mans ballistic gelatin.Ive tested a few 32 rounds and Im getting ready to test a couple more. And maybe a few 9mm rounds. ill post results as soon as i get done with the tests. i probably wont have pics because I dont have a digital camera yet. Thanks for any replies. Sixgun

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    Some members have tested a few defensive loads in wet pack to check expansion/penetration,some of them shot into a barrel of water too
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    I agree on your "Poor Man's Ballistic Gelatin" sentiment.

    I've used wetpack, home-made ballistic gel (10% knox gelatin to water by weight, calibrated with a pellet gun), water, and a few other things.

    If you just want to test expansion... Save a 6 milkjugs, fill them with water, line them up and aim carefully.

    If you want to test penetration too, gelatin is really the only reliable means... You could go to a butcher and ask if they have some pig carcasses or something, but that's a lot of (nasty) work for little reward.

    I don't trust wetpack too much after my Golfball Cannon was able to penetrate two phonebooks.

    Try making and calibrating some gelatin, maybe?
    Here's a howto: How to Make Your Own Ballistic Gel

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    I've read where folks that use ballistic gel say proper wetpack(all newsprint soaked for 24 hrs) covered with clothing materal will give expansion results similar to gel but not penetration.... but neither will necesarily be the same results in flesh & bone. I've done a lot of testing different loads & different barrel lengths w/same load in wetpack but I take results w/big grain of salt.

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    Although it's not exactly what you're asking about (.32 ACP wetpack testing), The Box 'O Truth has many ammunition tests which may be of interest to you:

    The Box O' Truth - Ammo Penetration testing
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    We do it all the time at the gunshop. Easiest way we have found is to pack a 5 gallon plastic bucket with newspaper, add a few drops of soap and soak until it overflows, when it all soaks in, add more water, and so on. Eventually it will be saturated, but it takes a couple of hours at least. If you are pressed for time, soak the bucket 1/2 full of paper so you are sure the center will be soaked. Latex medical gloves will keep the ink off of your hands. Rotate the paper when it gets torn up after multiple rounds, shoot small caliber stuff first, big stuff last. Easier to find in the "crumbs" that build up. For deep penetrating ammo, rifle stuff, magnums, .460s or .500s, or big FMJs stack 2 buckets. Keep a trash bag or tarp or something to put the wet newspaper on when you pull it out, or the range floor will get all wet and the boss will come in and yell at you for making a mess. Also, it's better to shoot at the bucket while it's on it's side rather than sitting upright. Sometimes rounds will exit the bottom or side of the bucket from tumbling and you don't want it hitting the floor and splattering if you are indoors. Outside no big deal but better if it heads downrange.

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    Check out this site for wet pack construction info:

    WetPack Construction
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