What makes ammo "junk"

What makes ammo "junk"

This is a discussion on What makes ammo "junk" within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In one of the recent threads on UMC ammo, one responder called it junk. That is all good and fine but he gave no supporting ...

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Thread: What makes ammo "junk"

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    What makes ammo "junk"

    In one of the recent threads on UMC ammo, one responder called it junk. That is all good and fine but he gave no supporting evidence as to why he came to that conclusion.

    So my question is what makes a particular brand of ammunition good, bad or ugly?
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    I remember one time some guy brought out some reloaded 12 ga shells when we were shooting skeet and when he pulled the trigger there was muffled bang and the shot came out of the barrel and landed about 10 feet away,that was some junk ammo
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    Repeated stoppages.
    No accuracy beyond 10 yds.
    Mangled brass after shooting.

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    One man's junk is another man's plinking ammo.

    As long as it dose not blow my gun up or cause any damage, it is good to me. I would not expect the cheap stuff to be the most accurate but for practice ammo so what.

    The chap stuff is more often than not dirty. So you spend a little more time cleaning after a trip to the range. Some put in the junk category.

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    Non-brass casings(i.e. not re-loadable), inconsistent primer ignition, inconsistent point of impact, inconsistent dimensions leading to problems with feeding, dirty powder, inconsistent powder charges.

    Other than that, if it shoots, it's good for me.
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    FWIW, I have not found UMC to be JUNK. In fact, I just bought a box of 100 .40 165 gr in UMC.

    I think everyone has a variety of experiences, good, bad, in between, with what they put through their guns, and thus folks develop personal preferences.

    Maybe an accomplished competitive target shooter can tell the difference between different brands. Maybe some brands foul a little more than others or do not feed in a particular weapon with perfect reliability; but do in others.

    These things do not add up to the label, JUNK.

    For full disclosure, unless the maker of UMC is held in some S&P 500 index fund, I have no business relationship with them.

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    I think those who were calling UMC junk were referring to previous runs of the stuff. Most of the stuff that is in the green and white box these days is not bad at all.
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    "Junk" to me is any ammo that doesn't fulfill its intended purpose. That could be entirely different criteria depending on if it's range ammo or defense ammo. Defense ammo is "junk" if it doesn't feed reliably and doesn't go bang 100%.

    Range ammo is junk is junk if it breaks my gun ;)

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    The Remington UMC .380 doesn't appear to function well in the LCP at all. All the reviews on ammo sites from LCP owners will likely call it junk. Of course it isn't necessarily, so I suppose it's all completely subjective. "THIS AMMO JAMMED EVERY 3 TIMES IN MY LCP! JUNK!!!" -- Haha, we see that all the time..
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    junk ammo squib fires, doesn't fire, has invariances in velocity consistancy, tumbles, jams actions by way of mag mishaps and/or ejection probs, steel casings are rusted, bredan primers eat your barrel, brass is too weak and allows gas to leak (dangerous) and when the brass's rim gets ripped off and you get to have the time of your life trying to pry the rest of it out of your chamber...

    just a short list really...
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    I've never had any problems with UMC ammo...that goes for .223, 9mm, .38 spl., 38 spl. +P, .357 mag. and .45 ACP.

    As for junk ammo? I've tried Wolf, PMC, CCI, Magtech, Hornady, Federal, Winchester, Remington, Fiocchi...and I'm sure a few others that escape me at the moment. I have yet to fire any that I would call "JUNK". My only problem with certain ammo is excessive muzzle flash.
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    I've found Remington UMC ammo to be on a par with the other "economy" brands, like Winchester WB, Mag-Tech, PMC, etc. I've never had any issues with UMC, but others have, I've heard.

    I can tell you there is one brand of factory remanufactured ammo, brand name Ultramax, that is junk. It goes bang, but where the bullet strikes is anybody's guess.

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    I have 500 rounds of UMC ,223 that I'm afraid to shoot. I recently saw a thread on AR15.com regarding concerns about this ammo damaging guns by overpressure caused by bullet setback. Just to see, I pulled one box (of 25) and inspected all the rounds. 4 of 20 had bullets that were loose enough to move back & forth in the crimp groove. One bullet is so loose that I can hold the case and turn the bullet with my fingers. Basically 20% failed my cursory inspection on one box. I haven't had the time to inspect the other 24 boxes. I have emailed the Mfgr with the lot number and am deciding whether to inspect all 500 rounds and return the defective ones, run all 500 through a crimp die, or dismantle them and reload them properly. I've used 9mm UMC and never had an issue.

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