Ammo accuracy

Ammo accuracy

This is a discussion on Ammo accuracy within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am not sure I understand this ammo accuracy thing. Isn't it more a factor of the gun? For example. You put ABC's ammo in ...

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Thread: Ammo accuracy

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    Ammo accuracy

    I am not sure I understand this ammo accuracy thing. Isn't it more a factor of the gun?

    For example. You put ABC's ammo in your gun and shoot it. It hits consistently 1 inch to the left. You put XYZ's ammo in your gun and shoot it. It hits consistently 1 inch to the right. You put QQQ's ammo in your gun and it hits dead center.

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    Why would this happen? The bullet travels down the same barrel theoretically aimed at the same target. What is different about the bullet that would produce such a profound difference?

    Also, if you sight your gun in using say ABC's ammo which is plinking rounds and then put QQQ's ammo in which is defensive rounds, you are going to be off.

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    Minute differences like how quickly their powder burns, how far until it engages the rifling, and the balance of the round.

    You can try a bunch of practice rounds until you find one close to your carry round. I don't sweat it, since I don't figure 1" is gonna matter. I'm gonna be off more than that during a fight anyway.
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    Minor imperfections can amplify results, whether it's the barrel's surface, the smoothness of the path the bullet will travel, the smoothness or degree of "slop" in the slide/frame unit, whether a tilted barrel format will tilt a degree during discharge that's impactful, the speed of the cycling, the rate of burn given all these other factors, and so on.

    The fact is, the effects are clearly seen by many people and most (all?) serious reloaders. When you have two ostensibly identical guns from the same manufacturer of production guns, you get two slightly different guns in actuality, each of which is highly likely to exhibit a preference for a given load.

    Ditto, CC. In a carry weapon, my primary (almost sole) goal is cycling reliability. If I can get that to 100%, then 1" accuracy while target shooting doesn't matter much. If I can't get that core reliability above 99% in my specific gun, then I don't care how accurate the load is.

    Data point: I've had two Browning BDM 9mm pistols, over the years. One that I learned on but never should have sold, as it was well broken in; and a second, which I have now and am fighting to break in to the degree the other was. It's amazing how differently each seems to work with different rounds. The first loved the Remington Golden Saber JHP 124gr, while this second one loves the DoubleTap JHP 124gr +P that I'm using in my CZ P-01. Two "identical" pistols with clear differences, and yet each shows a clear preference, in terms of smoothness, reliability of cycling, point of impact. Same user (me), same guns (basically), same spring set, same, same 15rd magazines (basically), and yet two results.
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