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This is a discussion on 9mm ammo choice within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You didn't have my "preferred" off duty carry load on there, but I selected the Winchester version of my "duty load". I carry the Federal ...

View Poll Results: which 9mm ammo to use for G19C

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  • WInchester Ranger 147G SXT

    12 33.33%
  • Winchester Ranger 115 +P+

    10 27.78%
  • Hornady TAP 147G

    9 25.00%
  • Winchester SXZ TACTICAL 115G

    1 2.78%
  • Winchester Supreme 147G SXT

    0 0%
  • Hornady Custom 147G XTP

    4 11.11%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: 9mm ammo choice

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    You didn't have my "preferred" off duty carry load on there, but I selected the Winchester version of my "duty load".

    I carry the Federal 115 Grain +P+ 9BPLE on duty, and even have some for off duty carry, but I prefer CorBon 115 Grain +P DPX.


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    I found the following an quite interesting read.

    9mm Perfomance tests - Threat Focused Forums

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    Besides concentrating on stopping power and not exposing yourself to acting unreasonable in a legal defense situation, I have another property you should consider:

    This is a compensated barrel, so you want the flash to be minimized so it will not blind you at night; or burn you if you must fire from a retention position. Unfortunately most or all of the ammo data concentrates on energy, velocity, expansion and depth of penetration. Probably not choose a +P+, at most a +P, but maybe someone else has data on muzzle flash.

    I shoot a regular Glock 19 and prefer the middle weight (124 Grain) hollow point for personal defense. Both Federal Hydrashok and Hornady TAP, and will try others as they available at my local Gander Mountain.

    A good test would be to fire some rounds at night and compare the muzzle flash. Come to think of it I have not even fired mine at night,.. the neighbors might get a little concerned..
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    None of the above. Federal Tactical HST-LE 147gr. or 124gr.+P

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    Oct 2007
    None of the above. I carry Rem Golden Saber +p in the 124 grain flavor
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    I've fired Remington .357 Magnum 125 Grain SJHP's at night, and three rounds from inside a car years ago.

    The "flash" is over-rated IMHO. If you know it's coming you can be prepared for the BANG, and the "flash". I've not had any problems seeing my sights or targets using that load during Night Shoots, and it's one of the more "spectacular" rounds out there.

    As far as Porting or Compensators, not that big of an issue. For practice I would just wear a cover garment and "tilt" the gun to the side a bit, which I do anyways when firing from Retention. I can assue you, if you ever need to use the gun for real, powder burns from Porting will be the least of your worries.

    I don't really see the need for a Ported or Compensated 9mm, as there's not much recoil generated by that round anyways. If you were shooting a .357 Magnum or a 44 Magnum, then I could understand it.

    To each their own I guess. Take care and stay safe.


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    Winchester Ranger 127 Grain +P+

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    You need to add a "None of the above" choice. Don't have the box, but I'm sure I'm using Federal ammo.
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    Well i didnt vote because i would strongly suggest using Federal's 124 gr HST
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    I didn't vote because my current carry ammo is not listed. I am currently carrying 115gr Winchester Silver Tip HP. However when i restock, I amthinking of moving to a 127gr round.

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    Hornady-when I can find it...
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    Another vote for Federal HST. My XD 9sc is loaded with HST 147's. Outstanding ballistics. Maybe not the best, but every LE test I have seen rates it #1.

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    I carry 124gr +P's when I carry a 9
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