9mm Ammo selections…????

9mm Ammo selections…????

This is a discussion on 9mm Ammo selections…???? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Forum members looking for your expertise and opinions; from your experiences and "trial-by-error" what is the best 9mm practice and self defense (including LE) ammunition ...

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Thread: 9mm Ammo selections…????

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    9mm Ammo selections…????

    Forum members looking for your expertise and opinions; from your experiences and "trial-by-error" what is the best 9mm practice and self defense (including LE) ammunition by manufacturer and type:

    Practice – Good, better and best

    115 gr and 124 gr?

    Self defense - Good, better and best

    Standard 115 gr and +P?

    Standard 124 gr and +P?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Practice - whatever works best in your gun and won't break the bank. WWB's are good, but there are others.

    Be prepared to hear some outlandish reasons for why people carry certain SD rounds. Do your own research and look for unbiased results. There are a lot of LE Departmental test is you search for them.

    There is a lot of ignorance out there in Internet land.

    After reading many honest and unbiased ballistic tests and putting various rounds through my own gun I have settled on Federal HST's. I prefer the 147grs.

    Your milage may vary.

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    Practice - WWB, unless you reload... reloading can and does make a lot of sense with todays prices... they will only go up from here.

    Carry - I prefer Federal... they are all good for carry, but I'd use the same grain weight as I practice with.
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    +1 for WWB practice and Federal HST's for carry!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thecheat View Post
    +1 for WWB practice and Federal HST's for carry!
    That's my giddyup!
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    Anything in FMJ that works...

    PLUS... American Eagle in 147... it's "similar" to 147 Fed HST so I can cheaply simulate the recoil pulse and not feel the need to always use fresh carry ammo.

    It something people should consider. Find two types of FMJ. the common - just shoot - type and the ONE that gives you more than spent brass.

    That one reason I hesitate with 127 +p+ since one cannot find anything - but maybe real NATO rounds (not sure about that one either).
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    Gunnie, keep in mind that whatever my experience is as to what works in my gun might well fail miserably in yours. As well, my goals are mine and I choose my defensive equipment based on that, and those might well differ from yours.

    I live in a colder/wetter place, where much of the year people are often bundled up with several layers of clothing. I have a CZ P-01 9mm semi-auto as primary, and it simply loves either the DoubleTap JHP 124gr +P with Gold Dot bullets, or the Federal Tactical Hydrashok JHP 124gr +P+. All other bullets pale in comparison, in terms of smoothness and reliability. I've found that the Remington UMC 115gr or 124gr FMJ works well enough for range rounds.

    What's better or worse? Depends entirely on what you believe gives you the best mix, given your goals and the circumstances you need to contend with. For me, I appreciate the greater expansion characteristics of (9mm) 115gr and 124gr JHP bullets, as compared to 147gr, on the whole. Though, I appreciate the heavier bullet's penetration. So, it's a stout 124gr for me.

    Above and beyond everything is one thing: reliability. If it doesn't work perfectly in my gun, quibbling over minor differences in speed, power or performance is irrelevant. In other words, a jammed gun could be very uncomfortable at the wrong time.

    Without knowing your equipment and goals, and specifically the reliability of a given cartridge in your particular gun, it's hard for me to offer up any better suggestions.

    YMMV, as always.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thecheat View Post
    +1 for WWB practice and Federal HST's for carry!

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    I read in a handgun magainze, forget which... but it was good advice.

    For target ammo you can pretty much use whatever shoots well for your gun.

    But for defensive ammo you need to do your own testing. Take peoples recommendations with a grain of salt. Only because your gun will operate differently than others.

    I plan on spending the time and money doing some of my own research(if I can) and shooting different loads to determine which penetrates the best, along with the best expansion, or the best combination of both.

    Some short barrels may not get enough velocity on the bullet to cause the bullet to fully expand, or to penetrate as deep as it should. Other bullets might penetrate 12" through clothing, but not expand at all. You should have some trial and error before it comes down to the real thing and the "error" part nips you in the butt.

    Thats basically a paraphrase of the article.

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    Practice----IMO, cheapest is the best--you'll shoot more that way as the cost is in most of our minds even if we don't acknowledge it up front. WWB, Magtech, PMP, American Eagle, whatever, 115gr, 124gr, etc........... I always shoot a mag full of my carry (PD) ammo at the end of the session to realize the difference. I'm used to the Speer GDHP 124+P, although I have some CorBon +P in 115. I've got some UMC PD ammo I haven't tried yet, but whenever you change something----you need to learn how it shoots and if it works well for you and your pistol. To heck with hype, and the current market, or what the majority of your peers are using. There is no magic bullet, and there never will be. Place your shots where they count most and simplify or eliminate the guessing game as to what manufacturer or which weight you SHOULD use and concentrate on becoming one with your tool and ammo selection.

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    I use WWB 115gr FMJ or any low price alternative I have for practice and matches. I do not reload 9's. When I carry a 9mm, I carry 124 gr +P or +P+.
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    I use Wal-Mart cheep stuff to practice with.

    And carry Winchester Ranger T +P+ 127 grain, in my home defense Glock 17 and carry Hydra Shok 125 grain, in my G26 carry.

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    I use whatever is cheapest from Wal-Mart at the range... Typically Blazer Brass or WWB.

    HD load... I am using Federal HST 147gr. Made this decision from my research online and the fact it feeds well in my M&P.

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    S&B 124gr for pratice....speer 124 gold dots for carry.....I never shoot WWB thru any of my guns.....in my experince WWB is some of the crappiest ammo i have ever seen...not to mention very dirty..it's right up there with surplus crap from central africa.

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    Whatever Natchez has on sale for practice (usually CCI Blazer, Magtech or UMC 115 gr). After a lot of research I settled on Federal HST 147gr for carry. Amazingly, they're relatively cheap too (about $20 for a box of 50 at ammunitiontogo.com) so it doesn't hurt as much to end my range sessions with a mag or two of those. I did run about 150 of them through my Kahr CW9 before I started carrying them, however, and it ate 'em with no problems at all.
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