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How much do you shoot?

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Thread: How much do you shoot?

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    25-50 rnds a session

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    I dont shoot as much as i should , and i hardly shoot known range at all unless i am teaching .
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    Only about once a month :-( I wish I could get to the range at least every other week. Its more a time then a money issue. I usually shoot about 100-150 rounds of .40 each time. I start out shooting the SD ammo I got in the magazines, then I move on to cheap range ammo.

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    Not nearly enough, times are tough. When I do go, I try and limit myself to 100 rnds 45ACP and 100 rnds whatever rifle I may take with me.

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    I try to shoot about 200-300 rounds every two weeks.
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    I think I would shoot until he stops moving.
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    i go every other week and shoot about 450 rounds from three different guns.
    if i miss two weeks in a row my accuracy suffers from it..

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    hi all...first post here... new to the forums....
    every other week... 550 box of 22, 200-300 9mm, both pistols... w/ dry practice in between. usually there for awhile... like to take my time. but ****** i tell ya, it's a blast to blow through that 22!

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    My range is only about a mile from my house, so driving there is not an issue. I have Pistol League (rimfire) on Tuesday, and shoot about 100 rounds of .22LR. On Thursday is trap, and 50-100 shells. On Saturday is Pistol League (centerfire), and I go through about 100 9mm, and Sunday is trap again, with about 50-100 shells. Occasionaly I go to practive with my LCP .380, but don't put too much through.
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