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Hollow Point Accuracy?

This is a discussion on Hollow Point Accuracy? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I always shoot the carry bullets I got in my gun and in my carry spar magazine. I feel its good practice to use them ...

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Thread: Hollow Point Accuracy?

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    I always shoot the carry bullets I got in my gun and in my carry spar magazine. I feel its good practice to use them up (and to make sure that nothing in the way I carry would degrade them). I don't see a difference. They are usualy the first 20 rounds I shoot on the range. Usually I shoot another 100 rounds of FMJ after that.
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    Have never had a quality JHP be less accurate than a FMJ and in most cases, they are more accurate. If you'll notice, the MatchKing line from Sierra are all JHP design, though these are rifle bullets. At typical handgun ranges, I've never seen much difference in the accuracy of different jacketed bullet types or brands. While different brands may have slightly different points of impact, I find that a pistol is much pickier about the powder charge and bullet weight for the accuracy of any given pistol than about the brand or type of jacketed bullet. YMMV.

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    I reload and I always use JHP bullets as that is what I carry and need to be most proficient with. For the reloader, you can buy high end JHP bullets for about the same cost as FMJ or TMJ, sometimes even less. I shoot 45's and factory ammo has gone out of sight. A JHP out of my guns will shoot tight groups as far out as I care to shoot, but took awhile to work up those loads. It has been my experience that different guns react differently to ammo changes, ie. what works in my guns may not work well in yours. If I were you, and did not reload, I would buy several boxes of different mfg, varying bullet weight loads, go to the range and check 'em out. Then you would find what works best for you and your gun.

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    if you dig back thru the years of bullet makers test on bullet design,you'll see the FMJ,JHP,or LRN really don't affect accuracy,the biggest factor is bullet base design/damage.if a FMJ and JHP have the same base design with no damage to either,accuracy should be the same . jwr

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