9mm EMP, what SD ammo?

9mm EMP, what SD ammo?

This is a discussion on 9mm EMP, what SD ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My brother decided to get a Springfield EMP (9mm) He finds that a full size- steel 1911 is hard to conceal for him. (He is ...

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Thread: 9mm EMP, what SD ammo?

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    Question 9mm EMP, what SD ammo?

    My brother decided to get a Springfield EMP (9mm)
    He finds that a full size- steel 1911 is hard to conceal for him. (He is skinny and yes he has a good holster belt combo.)

    Well he will be carrying at least regularly finally. (joins to big brother lol- he said he will start shooting matches too.)
    What is a good 9mm SD ammo? I am clueless, I am a .45 guy.
    Yes I do the research for him, he is already getting a TT holster. Very pleased with the one what was ordered from them earlier.

    So Guys, what is a good self-defence ammo for a 9mm EMP?
    What is the preferred bullet weight? Manufactures etc?

    Any opinion-help appreciated Guys,
    I carry a gun cause I can't carry a cop.

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    He is just going to try major manufactures ammo until he finds one the works.
    Other than that any SD ammo would be OK.

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    Lots of good 9mm loads out there. Ones I use in 3.1" - 4.5" barrels are DPX, 124+p Gold Dot and Golden Saber. Like 45 too!

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    Federal 147gr HST.

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    I am using the Federal HST 124 gr. in EMP. Shoots well. If I did not use this, then it would be either the Speer Gold Dots, or Winchester Ranger T in 124 gr. as well. Others may be great, the Corbon, the Remington Golden Saber, the DPX.... but just think that HST is the best there is.

    Ammunition To Go : 50rds - 9mm Federal LE Tactical HST 124gr. HP Ammo [P9HST1] - $19.95

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    My EMP is not ready for carry yet, but I have shot Federal Premium 124 gr Hydra Shok, Speer Gold Dot 124 gr, and Speer Gold Dot +P 124 gr short barrel hollow points. I was having FTF with all of the hollow points at first, but after about 300 rounds I think that is behind me.

    I still have some Remington Golden Saber 124 gr that I am going to try. The Gold Dot +P 124 gr short barrel has got my attention though. I talked to Springfield today and they said that +P is OK to shoot in the EMP as long as you don't do so extensively. It packs a little more punch and, from what I have read, is design to expand better.

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    Here is some info that was relayed to me a while back by someone I believe to be a credible source. This is from the Portland Oregon PD shortly after they transitioned from .45's to 9mm.

    They've had 15 shootings to date with the 147-grain 9mm HST. 12 of them were DRT's with a hit or two in the bad guy's boiler room. The officers involved have, to a man, said that the BG's aggressive action's ceased when the HST's made impact. By that I mean, their issue 9mm ammo "terminated the fight" instantly, or nearly so...and not that the BG eventually died from a lethal wound inflicted some time before the coroner arrived on scene.

    The 3 shootings where the 147-grain HST did not result in a DRT were when the officers' hits were peripheral (the legs, arms, buttocks, love handles, etc.) and failed to strike decently in the center of mass. The 147-grain HST's all expanded well. "Just like the picture on the ammo box", was how the ********* described it to me. Only one recovered bullet, to date, has failed to expand, and that was one that hit the inside of the BG's pelvis and ricocheted upward through his torso, punching throughing the felon's heart from bottom to top.

    The 147-grain HST's have not perforated the torso on any torso hits. They've had a few instances where the bullets have penetrated through-and-through on hits to extremities, as you might expect any bullet to do.

    They reported that their range scores have gone up significantly with 9mm's over what they were across the board with .45 ACP. For my money, I don't think a .45 ACP would serve them any better anyway. Not given the non-gun-enthusiast type of recruits we have to hire these days, and the cutbacks the admin pukes make on firearms training. You have to hit people, and hit them solidly, to hurt them...and it's plainly easier to do that with a 9mm.

    I've never been a fan of the 147-grain 9mm jhp service loads, but I have to say...this one is impressive. It seems the Portland PD guys have quit *****ing about their handgun ammo.

    -Hope this helps you!- Cat-O-Matic

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    The 147 HST is what I carry in my 92F. These HST's are nasty rounds, I also carry them in my G23.

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    First, I was suprised that the EMP manual (just bought one) doesn't say anything about the ammo type that's usable in the gun. Normally, all manuals I've seen... say whether +P is usable full time, part time, or not at all... but Springfield says nothing.

    I have a couple of guns that say.... NOT to use +P full time, but can be used on a limited basis ....... so, I practice with regular 9 mm with some limited +P to make sure there are no issues with that ammo, and then load +P when carrying.

    I'ld be interested in any spec info on ammo with this gun.

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    Another vote for the Federal HST 147g. Good stuff. Just go ahead and get yourself some:
    Welcome to Ammunition To Go!

    Another good round from what I hear is the Winchester Ranger 147g (RA9T). It seems to be very hard to find. Out of curiosity, I bought a couple of boxes from a fellow member on another site but haven't shot it yet.

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    I'm feeding mine some Federal 135gr Hydra-Shok JHPs. I had a box of horandy that didn't seem to reliably cycle when I was racking the slide so I was worried and haven't had a problem since I switched. Although I think the EMP is on BUG status with my new Glock 30 taking primary CCW role as soon as I find/order a holster.
    “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.” ~ Whitney M. Young, Jr.

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    Golden Bonded Sabres 124gr +P+

    one of the only bullets (brand wise) i know of to be tested to go through car window glass and still mushroom in a person as opposed to outside a person.

    make sure they are the golden BONDED sabres and not just the cheaper golden sabres. they will do a good job as well though.

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    I have three 9 MM loads that I like. Please notice that none of them are "standard pressure".

    CorBon 115 Grain +P DPX JHP (DPX ONLY not the other stuff)
    Federal 115 Grain +P+ JHP (The old 9BPLE my current Duty Load)
    Gold Dot 124 Grain +P JHP (NYC has some success with it)

    There are some other good loads out there, but all that I favor will be 115-127 grains and +P or +P+. The most important thing is that it's reliable in the gun that has to feed it. I suggest picking a load and shooting 200 rounds of it to test for function. Then load up six magazines and call it good for one year.


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    As everyone else has said, any modern hollow point that feeds reliably in your gun will do. Shot placement is king.

    Having said that, CorBon 115gr +P DPX gets my vote.
    "You can't shake the devils hand and say you were only kidding"

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    Federal HST 147gr.

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