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Picking up 642 need ammo suggestions

This is a discussion on Picking up 642 need ammo suggestions within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I prefer the cor-bon DPX...

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Thread: Picking up 642 need ammo suggestions

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    I prefer the cor-bon DPX

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    I carry either the Golt Dot +p 135gr hp-SB 23921 or Remington 158gr +p lswchp R38S12 or Winchester SuperX +p 158gr. LSWC-HP X38SPD.

    In lieu of that, whatever is on sale at Wally World.
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    I have a 642 Crimson Trace and will be testing as many defense rounds as I can get my hands on with my new Pro-Chrono Digital in the coming days. I'm really looking forward to seeing actual performance from a sub-two inch bbl, since most of the factory ballistics are from a four inch bbl. I found very interesting results with six different loads on my PPK/S .380 today, which I posted in another thread. In short (pun intended) don't count on anywhere near "factory" numbers from a snubbie or otherwise shortened bbl.

    Should be interesting.

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    Winchester 110 Grain Silvertip HP in a snubby. Lighter load, lots of power and expansion. Kinda pricey, but I ;like the lighter loads in a snubby. I'm just not sold on the +P for snubbies.....

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    Over here now!
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    For practice, use the 130 ball from Wally World. It's not very harsh and the point of impact isn't too far off from carry ammo.

    Snubby Ballistics
    I chronoed some ammo through my 640 2 inch. Five shots per load.

    Speer 135 GDHP (their 2 inch snubby load)
    858 Avg velocity - Speer's literature says this bullet fully expands at 860 fps.
    115,830 Power Factor
    8.33 Std Dev
    24 Variance

    Rem 125 SJHP +P R38S2
    878 Avg velocity
    109,750 Power Factor
    8.73 Std Dev
    26 Variance

    Win 125 JHP +P
    838 Avg velocity
    104,750 Power Factor
    21.11 Std Dev
    58 Variance

    GA Arms 125 JHP +P
    829 Avg velocity
    103,625 Power Factor
    7.55 Std Dev
    17 Variance

    Practice Handload
    125 Zero JHP 4.4gr Titegroup (my IDPA load with a 125 JHP instead of 158 plated RN)
    887 Avg velocity
    110,875 Power Factor
    (Hotter than I realized)
    38.97 Std Dev
    103 Variance

    For those who like wadcutters as fodder for snubs on the theory that wadcutters don't have to expand to cut a nice hole:

    Master 148 LWC (Bianchi Load for Bill Rogers - not commercially available)
    746 Avg velocity
    110,408 Power Factor
    19.94 Std Dev
    54 Variance

    Win 148 LWC Match
    639 Avg velocity - I have pellet guns that shoot faster than this.
    94,572 Power Factor - makes it through a cardboard target, but I wouldn't count on much else.
    9.58 Std Dev
    28 Variance

    And the Winner is:
    Rem 158 LHP +P R38S12
    804 Avg velocity
    127,032 Power Factor
    30.47 Std Dev
    80 Variance

    My partner in Chicago shot 5 guys with LHP +P from his Model 60 snub and they were all suitably impressed.

    I am carrying the Speer Gold Dot because it shoots to Point of Aim best, but if I had to go with the Rem LHP it wouldn't bother me either.

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