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Wound Ballistics Myths

This is a discussion on Wound Ballistics Myths within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I think the study was a little flawed. It should have taken into account whether the victim was a Good or Bad guy. Every one ...

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Thread: Wound Ballistics Myths

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    I think the study was a little flawed. It should have taken into account whether the victim was a Good or Bad guy. Every one knows a bad guy will be down in one shot and knocked off his feet, while for some undocumented reason the good guy has the amazing ability to withstand major damage and if on the unlikely event he dies he will gracefully fall to the ground in as dramatic a way as possible.
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    A ran a call once that highlights the ability of an excited subject to keep moving after taking a mortal wound.

    We were dispatched with the police for one shot in front of a local apartment dwelling in a less than desireable area of town. The first arriving PD units found nothing initially, but K9 located a blood trail a short distance away. At the end of the blood trail, some 50 yards away in the foyer of another building was the victim.

    He was in cardiac arrest, and aggressive resuscitation efforts failed. He was a solidly built male in his mid 20s.

    Postmortem examination revealed that the round was a .25 FMJ. It entered the left anterior chest, passed through the lung, and struck a posterior rib. It then reversed course and passed through the left ventricle of the heart.

    Undeniably, a mortal wound. The left ventricle was badly damaged, and heart's output was severely compromised. The victim was still able to run that distance, climb 6-7 steps and open the door of the building before collapsing.


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    Best example is still the Miami/FBI shootout. Both suspects took mortal hits in the opening volley, and look at the carnage they committed.


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    I agree that 1 round will knock someone down on only rare occasions. But I do know of one Viet Nam vet who personally was knocked back severt feet, tumbling and to the ground by 1 AK round.

    Before I get flamed, I realize that a sample size of 1 is insufficient to establish a trend or general/overall pattern. I am just saying it can happen, but dont count on it. I know many more vets who took rounds, continued to engage the enemy and only later realized they were wounded. And these were all first hand accounts, not someone told me that someone......

    Just my 2 cents worth

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    Great Thread! This is interesting.

    An interesting though somewhat unrelated fact is that a classic Inuit technique for taking full grown moose is to "take them out" while they are in the process of swimming across a body of water.

    They paddle alongside the swimming moose & "instantly turn them into food" with a single close head shot from a .22 rim~fire handgun.
    The little short barreled Stainless S&W .22 "kit gun" revolver is a favored handgun for the task.
    Years ago they even used the .22 Short.

    For defensive shooting a well placed "head shot" is hard to beat for instantly putting a stop to a deadly threat.

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    So how much weight could I save if I stopped packing a Govt. Model and went with a canoe, paddle and .22?
    Who makes a good canoe holster? IWB of course...

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    Myth Busters

    I think MythBusters covered this fairly well in one of their programs...
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